Why is CCP so afraid of effeminate SKINs?!?

Why does CCP hate effeminate SKINs so much!?! What do we have to do to get some more pink, purple or rainbow SKINs? Does CCP hate color or creative design? Maybe they are just ultra masculine, detached from their effeminate side or hate people evolutionarily advanced enough to enjoy vibrant design? Are the only skins we can get all designed by 20-30 year old boys to be “cool”? Where are my flowers!?! GIVE US MORE COLOR CCP!

(P.S I will concede the Aurora SKINs are beautiful, more like this please)

heartsurge nightmare when

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Because the color ping is ugly. Plain and simple. There are already great purple skins on the market.

Clearly you are a hater of color. You already have all your dark options, go hide in your hole of dull colors and misery.

Clearly you have a very narrow understanding of the phrase vivid colors, probably stemming from your lack of blood. May I suggest that you leave your weird cave and go out to experience colors? Personally, my cave is filled with joy in red, yellow, blue, green, white, black and many color shades in between. :rainbow: Incidentally, pink is not a color of the rainbow, yet any rainbow bursts with vidid colors.

Pink Panther when?


Didn’t they used to have pink ORE skins a while back? IIRC it was for breast cancer awareness + charity fundraising or something, I don’t remember.

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They did a limited Breast Cancer Awareness release in 2016 that you had to pay for :frowning:

Oh no, and some of that money went to a good cause even!

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Pink’s not dead !


That just furthers my point mate why not run it again? What breast cancer only happened in 2016?

Maybe the drive didn’t drive much interest? Maybe they decided there were better ways to generate donations.

Have you ever watched Eve live streamers? Think about people like them as being the target market for eve. Male, overweight, and neckbeard are the first qualities that come to mind.

Due to the target audience being bogged down in Beta male psychology, yes, CCP is afraid of releasing effeminate skins.

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Or maybe players just don’t like them that much. I personally would love to kill people while flying pink ships with hearts all over them, but I doubt such skins would be all that popular with the player base of a hardcore, pvp-centric, sci-fi game.

Such skins also wouldn’t fit the aesthetic of the game, but then again, that hasn’t stopped CCP from releasing Christmas candy inspired skins.


I want my purple Quafe Ultra Tristan skin NOW

CCP is straight

I’d fly a hot pink tiger print Kronos.

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Matari, please! Tiger skins are for the Republic only. Gallente and go sip tea and bag it.

Yea but I prefer the Kronos over the Vargur

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Jin-Mei “Samurai Sword” Cherry Blossoms skinned Kronos