Partner "ships" and Skins

I was wondering why CCP hasn’t done any work with other developers. SKINS are a great vanity item. But it’s also an item that carries business potential. You could partner with other developers to create SKINS that are themed of other companies, as well as partner with them for product placement of EVE leading to more exposure as a brand. I think people would be okay paying for SKINS that are from that instead of just pallet swaps. Also, speaking of partnerships, I’d love to see some of the Valkyrie ships introduced.

You think CCP should advertise other companies in EvE? Or CCP should advertise their own products in the EvE universe?

yeah I would rather not get DD by a pepsi-cola avatar


You want to tell me that we are now not only pay for the SKINS, which already is a money grab, but we now also pay for the advertisement for other companies?

Lies, a DD on a BLOPS? Dunkin deez blops.


to be fair ppl do it all the time with cloths

I mean, if they don’t change the price it’s actually good for CCP as a business. You don’t normally pay for other companies to advertise in your game. It’s the other way around. Unless you are talking about the cross promotion, which is why I recommended a partner ship. It’s already a cash grab, may as well have some extra dev time on the SKINS themselves to be worth what we are actually paying for. And before everybody gets all worked up. It’s a vanity item. You are paying extra for the time they put in to make the skin look pretty already. You’ll never get your Hello Kitty SKINS without a program like that. I suggest a trial run. CCP as a company should look into this, as they are a buisness. Are you telling me that as a person who plays eve, that you wouldn’t do what you can to maximize profits for you and your people while still making it a place that people want to be? Say they get a couple companies lined up for some short term partnership, and just see how it goes. It’s minimal risk to both parties involved. Worse case scenario people reject the skins. Also to the person who said Dunkin Donuts and Pepsi, I’m sure CCP has the business sense to not partner with companies that aren’t in the realm of interest of EVE as a whole. If you approach this topic as just a way for CCP to milk the cash cow, yes it’s going to be awful. If you look at it as a way to expand their player base by working with other companies who are also interested in what eve has to offer, it will be a benefit to CCP and EVE Online in the long run. If your first thought is just fast food and soft drinks, this isn’t NASCAR. We have Quafe and that’s the only official drink of EVE, right next to tears.

Haha I see, you meant Dooms Day! I thought you meant you rather not have a Dunkin Donuts, or Pepsi-Cola Avatar!

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oh lol I like yours better then

The moment I see a ship skin advertising a RL company, that’s the day I quit EVE for good. I know this is not the most RP game in the world, but there is a line. This goes so far beyond that line you can’t even bloody see it anymore.

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… I am speechless. The level of stupidity is beyond my comprehension. Just because I have to wear clothes in our society, you take this coercion as (mild) justification for paying to wear advertisement for RL companies with billions of dollar revenue? How low has this community sunken?

Hey, now. Don’t judge us all by this. I assure you, most of us don’t think this way.

talking about the people who wear shirts with a giant mountain dew logo and it wasn’t justification it was just being fair that there are people who are happy to do that sort of thing

Sadly, those are not speaking up and just suck it up what ever is thrown at them. I won’t blame them but it’s still a very sorry state.

And you want this bulldung in EVE, too, because justifying it with this kind of garbage argument is practically begging CCP to do just that. This is incomprehensible for me.

Everybody says they’ll quit, then they don’t. Why, what makes you look at a SKIN and say, oh no, EVE is dead? My entire way of life in game is ruined that I cannot bring myself to log in anymore? Help me understand how your immersive experience with the small amount of RPing that does go on is going to be compromised by a SKIN. I’m not looking for TV Ad’s in stations here. Looking for actual real reasons, feedback and ideas. Though this thread is less for the community and more for CCP to look at. If I would have to add something to my main post is that people get to vote on which companies CCP works with to bring new SKINS. That way we actually don’t end up with things people don’t want floating around. Like a KFC Redeemer.

again wasn’t a justification just pointing that the one particular part of your argument was flawed.

His argument is a little weak. But so is yours. Also the community hasn’t sunken. In fact his initial post doesn’t even support my idea. He was just pointing out that people already support companies with vanity items. He seems pretty against the idea. Let’s try not to clog up to hard with crapping on each other? I’m OP, I should be the only person getting dumped on right now.

Nothing about this would do ANYTHING to increase player base. Adverts for anything outside of the EvE universe would destroy immersion and are a ridiculous idea. No part of whoring EvE out to other companies as a billboard is in the best interest of the game.