Cash Grab by ccp with newest skin. Over $40!?


1040 plex…
500 plex for $19.99

WTF HOW IS THIS A MICROtransaction???

MobyDick white carebear WHALE MACROtransaction alert!

Gen. Disc.
Would YOU spend $40 on 1 ship skin valid only for ONE toon only on ONE account that applies to only ONE ship?

Remember the ANY SHIP/ANY SKIN “bug”?

Cash Grab for more VIRTUAL REALITY funding


I’ve seen games where people spend upwards of $200 for a pretty costume for their avatar. Instead of "wtf’, I’m curious to see how many people will buy it.


Why not? If I have the income I can spend how I wish.


Limited edition skin. First one with those sexy new effects. Reasonably pepular capital hull. Hell yeah people are going to buy it.
I only wish I had the plex to spare and I would pick up 2 or 3 of them for resale later.

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■■■■ people spend $1000 for a jpeg in scam citizen. so why not? we will see. and its a cool skin.


If i still flew a nyx, everyday, and had a sweet skin for it, you can bet i’d pay $40 if it looked awesome. Hell i’d pay $40 for a kick ass mackinaw skin.

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If there are whales who are happy to support Eve, then go right ahead.

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and lots of those sold.


Hmmm, I can see the price reasonable, it does look amazing.

At least it is not a blue party hat.


This argument is invalid. All these things should be included in the game for the sub, not for extra money.


Say that to Blizzard, Riot Games, Square Enix, etc…

It’s a business model to sell cosmetics to people, and because people have an interest in it, of course companies are going to sell cosmetics, so you can’t blame the game for selling you stuff even though you’re subbed, you only got the customers to blame for letting it prevail.

At least its optional, so you can very easily ignore it and, if you ever want them, even use ingame money to buy what ya want if the people who buy said cosmetics decide to put them up on the market.

Of course you can blame the company. Instead of following this useless cash-grab trend, CCP could have set an example and offered this for their players within the existing subscription. That would have been exemplary for doing good for your community and not just milking them like cash cows.

But you are also right, the infinite stupidity of customers made this possible in the first place and keeps it going, while being applauded by the cash cows.


Well, at least it’s not through loot boxes. Which is the latest trend in cash grab. Shadow of War, a single player game with a sort of “ranked fortress invasion” where you can invade a fort of some other player, even got loot boxes.

At least this way we get to see with our eyes what we are getting if we wish to buy them either out of interest or to just give some more financial support to the company we like, not through blind luck with a high chance of giving duplicates that deliver 1/4 of the original value in some sort of currency.

edit: guess EvE KINDA has the lootboxes if you count the boxes you get through project discovery and from the npc miners and others that I might not know about, and I do hope they stay like how they are, just something awarded to ya and not through buying money.

As a player who pays a subscription, I like that these skins and virtual clothing is an add-on expense. I prefer this model over a model where I’m paying a higher subscription price and have access to all the clothing & ship skins. I don’t fly all the ships. I don’t want all the skins. I don’t want to pay a higher subscription price for access to every cosmetic in the game.

Who cares


seeing as it’s an optional item for a ship a lot of people don’t fly. Finding it very hard to care about that.


Greed is good.

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Still half the price of a certain monocle.

I remember people paying 500 dollarydoos for a golden Battlemech in MWO. And yes I came across at least a few, so people did buy them.

There’s a saying in my country that goes roughly translated “They who ask are not stupid, the ones that pay what is asked are.”

Edit: I’m also going to complain about the adverts lore: Kairiola was a water freighter modified to be a carrier. It was not the first Chimera -class carrier unless they mean it “in spirit”, Chimeras were designed reminiscent and in honor of the Kairiola, it says so literally on the ship description.

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