New Triglavian skins have a new tag

Those beautiful (to me) new Metamateria skins for the Trig line of ships have a new, unexplained little purple tag on them.

“Premium”, with a little diamond.

What is that? What does it mean? I mean, i dont want to declare the sky is falling for one little thing like this, but it does give me butterflies.

Anyone able to know what it means? Other skins are not tagged like that.

Indeed going to be interesting to see what this tag will entail. 470 PLEX for a crappy skin surely is premium. And in no way at all a micro transaction anymore, but CCP has kissed that word good bye a long time ago and now only uses it in their deceptive marketing anyway.

What’s even funnier is that the skin itself does not even look premium. It looks tacky, nothing else.

You say that like it’s a problem and I don’t understand why it would be one.

Color me suprised. :innocent:

Hmm, roughly $20 US for a so-so skin for a so-so ship just tells me CCP still has no clue how to price things to a modern player market. Apparently at CCP the only plan they’ve ever understood is “let’s sell overpriced items to whales, subs and SP to the masses, and forget everyone else”.

CCP: The marketing plans you guys put up on the whiteboard 10 years ago need an update.

Hey, no really, why would it be?

Despite what you’re thinking they’re definitely going to sell them, because there’s definitely people out there who are going to buy them. Any and all arguments about how “if it was cheaper more people would buy it” is completely pointless anyway.

Maybe it’s not meant for poor people.
Is that too hard to accept, or what’s the problem?

I do not doubt that there are whales out there that will buy them. That is absolutely guaranteed.

I am also not arguing that more people would buy them if they were cheaper. For all I care, it would be lovely if no one bought them and everyone demanded that skins are part of the subscription and only Alphas had to buy them for PLEX.

Interesting, though, that you bring up class-segregation. I am sure this thought has crossed CCP’s mind as well and that’s why these skins are labeled Premium. After all, it would suit these money-grabbing marketing people well to think this way. At the very least it is a bit reassuring that I am not the only person who thinks like that.

Yeah, hey, no worry about that.

I’m still wondering if the Trigs are eventually going to end up as a playable race for the richer folks. I’m no fan of what CCP is doing to people out there either, because it’s pretty abusive, but the whole ■■■■■■■ industry is doing it so they’re missing out on a huge part of the money-cake if they don’t.

What bothers me most is that it’s going to be us who will suffer for it the most, because the whiners will start piling up on the forums … as they always do.

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Which skin are you seeing priced at that? the leshak is only 250 plex which works out at £8.50 which is under $12 USD, which trig skin is priced at nearly $20?

Although i agree the skins are rather “meh”

For me it’s similar to how I felt about injectors. It’s all about perception. I don’t have to buy them, but the mere fact of their existence shifts my perception of EVE from being a game universe to being an interactive shop front. If the prices are reasonable, I can shrug my shoulders and deal with it. If it begins to feel like price gouging, I become cynical about CCP and this in turn affects how I feel about the game.

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I think this is only really valid when ALL prices are “too high”, but that’s simply not the case.

Pretty turned off by the new SKIN prices too. Think the art department did a great job but that’s expensive. I can’t even justify the SKINs at half the price around 220 or so.

What’s the going rate if it was like the rest of the industry? I’d be okay with it if it was like 50-150 PLEX

My bad, I wasn’t paying attention. Saw the bundle price and didn’t notice the two little ships beside the big one, so thought it was just the skin for the big one.

Despite my error, my opinion has long been that EVE/CCP skins/cosmetics are near-useless and overpriced. Personal cosmetics near-useless for obvious reasons, ship cosmetics because 1) most of them are fugly 2) most of us play zoomed out to the point where you never see your skin anyway 3) most of us change ships somewhat frequently. So basically, you’re only going to see your skin when you’re spinning in dock anyway.

For little more than the $$ that CCP charges for decidedly ‘meh’ cosmetics, I can unlock starships, tanks, battlemechs in other games; which are permanent boosts to my account. CCP needs to stop thinking they are the only game out there, stop relying on whales, and start learning how game marketing works in the current century.

Skins should cost 0.5 USD a ship.

When skins cost 12 bucks i dont buy any. If they cost fifty cents Id buy them all.

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Which is why they cost 12 bucks. Poor people, who buy cheap mass merchandise, aren’t the target audience.

i’m okay with any skins for any price as long as they dont add any stats or special abilities to ships.

Everything else is a pointless debate: someone laughs at people spending money on luxury items, others laugh at people calling that amount “money”.

Also this is not an issue for people making lots of isk in game.

I am happy to spend a crap ton of Plex on a skin… it does not mean I used real money to get plex.

Police skin on a Kronos… Best skin. Whoop Whoop… it’s the sound of the Police… Whoop Whoop…

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