500 euros for plex with a skin. The skin is good. No one cares about plex. So 500 euros for a decent skin since your art team sucks. Just let us skin our own ships. Let us vote for submissions and allow so many per quarter. Take your plex and packs and shove them up your

not the first time they offer 500 euro plex packages, this one comes with a skin, yay :partying_face:. There are alternatives to get them via the NES via plex. But … no alternative by sub’ing with euros at normal prices. So, either way, expensive skins.


Some people care about plex and do not care about the skin. The skin is tradable (and for sale right now in Jita) so you can buy it from someone who bought the package and is selling the skin.

Or get the full set from the NES for 500 plex.

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I’d rather not have have dicks drawn all over my spaceships.


A paint your own ship feature would be nice. It would take away some lovely micro transactions for CCP, but better for us.

Like all things Eve it should require a specific station mod with specific materials. Just like all things should be in Eve.

People who buy plex, generally tend to care more about the plex than the additional thingy that is added on as a bonus.

After all, after you buy the plex, you can always sell it, then buy the skin on the market if you really wanted the skin.

Infact, you can buy the skin right now on the market if you wanted to.

Id prefer this method, than the stupid method that other game companies make, where you can only buy skins via real cash, and once you do, it is non-tradable and bound to the account/character that bought it.

It would take less than a day for there to be thousands of ships flying around with phallic symbols, hot pink, gold chrome, matte black, rainbow, etc…

This is an unusual level of nerd rage.

Have you tried just buying SKINs in the NES (or the one you want on the market)?

Sure but those would be player-created. Isn’t it what CCP prides its sanbox for?
I wouldn’t put a phallic symbol on my ship but matte black or rainbow sound good.

IB4TL! :popcorn:

How did you know my tastes? Still miss that bug that allowed any SKIN (especially Sarum) on any hull.


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