Cash Grab by ccp with newest skin. Over $40!?

I’d agree, except only scrubs pay one sub fee. “Pros” pay more, either through plex or with their own money, because alts are useful.

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I agree 100%.

You do realize that you pay more for you subscription either way, right? Either by paying RL money to buy PLEX to buy these items, or by paying ISK for the items that someone bought with RL money, ie. like buying PLEX for your subscription. One way or another, you pay more for your subscription.

There is also no need whatsoever to increase the subscription cost because CCP introduced clothing or skins. Or was there ever a need for them to increase subscription cost when they introduced new ships, new regions or new modules? This argument is also completely invalid and outright dumb.

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Few year ago it would be riots. It shows how community changed over this time. I was so naive when I first time saw SKINs that I’ll make my own. Cash stream for CCP.


Makes me wonder if you’ve been living under a rock the past few years. You could have seen this coming from a 100 miles away.

Most everyone that cared enough quit the game due to CCP constantly pulling this ■■■■ on us.


I have not lived under a rock. Quite the contrary, I fight against this garbage whenever I can, making everyone who uses skins feel bad ingame. Just recently I found it very amusing how excited people are about these Steel Cardinal skins … when they are in fact nothing but a boring recoloring of any existing Matigu Seabeast or Wiyrkomi skin. There is nothing special about this skin unlike something like the Firewall Breach skin. It is an utter disgrace how easy it is to please sheep these days.


Humanity is getting dumber by the day…


Company grabbing for cash?
Say it aint so!


While the price may seem excessive, there have been skins that cost way more than an old Plex before.
What bothers me more is:

  • High quality, high price skin -> higher Plex demand -> CCP doesn’t seem to give a :poop: about rising Plex prices (well, me actually neither, but a lot of you do).
  • Skin value is subject of completely arbitrary change of value. Today’s price may be 1040 Plex, tomorrow’s price may be 50% and next Christmas they are giving it out for free. Has happened before, will happen again (and yes, I’m still bittervetting over that).

True, CCP did it with one of events. SKINs people bought with cash were dropping for free.

As long as it’s only for skins and not “gold amo”, i don’t care much… In the end, the people who buy this stuff fund the development of the game i like to play.

But this one is pretty expensive. Just wondering if they wouldn’t make more money with a more reasonable price.

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While for-profit companies exist only to make a profit, it is rather stupid to abandon stable long-term income for short-term cash influx, don’t you think? Unless, of course, all they want is to milk as much cash out of the game as they possibly can before they abandon it for their VR ventures.

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I’ve got a worry that’s materialized in other games: whales think they’re supporting the game by getting harpooned in the cash shop, but management thinks they’re just supporting the cash shop, or generally don’t care that the game isn’t being maintained. Cash shop lootboxes with chances of a new shiny thing keep coming (with odds that slowly and sneakily get worse!), development of the game… doesn’t. Management doesn’t get the hint until PCU and revenue failcascade spectacularly.

That doesn’t appear to be the case here. Yet.

Shut up your whining you spoilt brat, i’m more than happy to pay $40 for this. This good, more money that EvE brings in the more that can be invested back into the game. People like you Persephanie Mae will be the death of this game.


It looks more like people like you are nailing the game to death with your unsustainable attitude and soothing in of content limitations; people like you who rather pay for extra content than expect it to be included in the subscription. After all, it does not really look like these paywall contents have done anything to improve the active character numbers since their introduction; in contrast, since the introduction of this system, character numbers have been dropping like the asteroid that hit Earth 65 million years ago.

But keep up your narrative.

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You mean more money they can throw at pet projects like Gunjack, DUST514, Valkyrie and World of Darkness.


Whilst I think these microtransactions are not micro in any way shape of form you are under no obligation to buy them, they do not affect the capability of your ship in it’s role and so therefore simply do not spend the money. If people are rich/mug enough to spend that money on a single ship skin then power to them.

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It makes a lot of business sense to try to make something else. One good mis-step, and EVE’s gone. They know this, but they don’t know what that mis-step is or when they’ll make it. I bet that’s why they’re being really careful with EVE and trying not to make anyone really mechanically uncomfortable while they go whaling.

Unfortunately, they seem to think it takes photorealistic graphics to make a good game these days, and… that makes the game’s development and system requirements expensive. EVE has had the bleeding edge of modern graphics, and rarely a month goes by without someone saying it should have a DX12 renderer. The only thing is, graphics don’t make a game. Mechanics do. Graphics mostly make marketing material and posters.

I’ve had people literally throw money at this toon because they liked how she looked. If it’s in the game, it affects the game, even if it’s “just cosmetic.” This is especially true when other humans control other characters in a multiplayer game.

Oh, and something else to think about.

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Say what now? Being careful? Are you deliberately ignoring reality here to defend CCP for whatever reason, or are you really that blind?

I was thinking more of the citadel asset safety mechanic, and how they don’t seem to be trying to make this universe anything more than Internet spaceships any more.

Or: no more DUST/Legion interaction with the universe we play in, no more attempts at Incarna. Maybe they’ve got so much technical debt/legacy code, it would be that insane to even dream of trying that again until they’ve done a lot more refactoring.

Their new mechanics aren’t so much for doing new things as for doing the old things differently.

Or maybe I could look at what they did with Rorqals and say maybe you’re right.