Partner "ships" and Skins

I’ve quit plenty of games (and other things) because of bad decisions made, that I didn’t agree with. It’s not like we don’t have plenty of options when it comes to entertainment.

I’d be quite shocked if CCP were to pollute their beautiful game wiht nonsense like this anyway, so I suppose this is a moot discussion. They’ve spent too much time/effort making all these amazing, immersive graphics to use them as a RL ad platform. It would be like slapping a KFC sticker on the freaking Mona Lisa.

This is a justification. “Oh, we do this in RL already because we need to clothe ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with doing it in EVE.”

Not to mention that you use a coercion to make my argument appear flawed. Instead of clothes or other essential goods, you should have used something like luxury items or cars if you must point at flaws.

you do understand you can buy unbranded cloths right? and they are usually cheaper.

as for cars I have seen people paint star wars or mickey mouse on them. and if we want to go even simply just simple window stickers

So you are saying one of the most basic business tactics, exposure, won’t do anything to increase player base? Can I get you reasoning behind this? Also again, these are just for SKINS nothing more. An OPTIONAL item that CAN be bought. If the player base doesn’t like it, their sales will represent that. And lesson learned?

again I don’t want to see people running around with goofy on their drake

Being able to support any brand is the right of the consumer. Which also ties into what I am saying. If people don’t like it they won’t buy it. What’s the harm in trying it out? If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. This is a very interesting thread and I will be using it for my economics class.

Afraid he might Hyuck you up?

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How much time did you spend on this idea?

You don’t have to run an experiment to proof something completely obvious. Of course the player base will hate this idea. Half of us go out of our way to install AdBlocks on our browsers to block ads. You think we’re going to be happy seeing them floating past us in-game?

This is not rocket science.

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Keno I am so sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I think CCP Should advertise other companies in EVE. But within a certain limitation. Like no billboard Ads, or floating Ads in space. Just strictly sticking to SKINS for this idea. And not just buy now things. Ideally they aren’t just Logo branded. They have something to do with some sort of product the company has. IE: Caldari gets Gundum themed skins with the name of the Gundum it was modeled after, the ever treasured Hello Kitty SKIN. Just straight up vanity items that don’t actually modify game play in any way. I would like to see more CCP Product cross promotion in game too. I’d love some of those Valkyrie ships!

Yes, that is what i’m saying. EvE Online is already incredibly well represented in areas of the internet that are in some way spacey / gaming connected. Another BASIC factor of advertising is that people HATE being advertised to especially when they are paying for the privilege. This is why websites offer the removal of adverts for money, because people hate adverts to the point they will pay money NOT TO SEE THEM.

Imagine how the playerbase would react to discover they are paying CCP a subscription only to have CCP also pepper their screen with adverts for the new Star Wars movie. It would be catastrophic from a PR perspective, terrible from an imersion perspective and would make little to no difference to the exposure of the game since EvE is already advertised on pretty much every gaming or space themed website there is.

CCP are incredibly protective over the dark sinister high tech look they’re going for, a hello kitty skin isn’t going to happen. Ever. And rightly so.

There is no such thing as “Gundams” in New Eden so a ship named after one would be stupid. There is no such thing as this “Hello Kitty” you speak of in New Eden either.

Not sure if you’ve ever read the small print for getting a cutsomized alliance logo, but i suggest you try submitting a Hello Kitty one and see where CCP tell you to shove it. They are just as anal about their immersive atmosphere as i am :slight_smile:


And you completely gloss over the exposure part of that entire argument. Nice. And I’ve been surprised by the EVE community many times. I don’t think as many people will hate it if CCP is smart about what they bring to the table. They aren’t going to want to bring in a partner that alienates the player base. You won’t be seeing STARBUCKS labeled on the side of a Rag. If it’s Atheistic enough and done right, people won’t even see it as an advert. Proven time and time again. If they straight up just label things with this and that of course it won’t work. Approach from a different angle, and nobody sees it coming. Think critically. I see it as an opportunity to get improved SKINS with themes that may not have been possible before. I know how the community handles change around here.

Thank you for the constructive feedback! The first in the entire thread I might add! Check your personal messages shortly!

Please suggest a possible partner that would not alienate the player base?

I am sorry OP…
But this idea if it came to fruition would also make me quit.
I have become a bit of an introvert in RL, and i despise being bombarded by advertisements.
I dont pay (and yes i will lay it out there) the equivalent of $180 per month in subs to see things like RL advertisments get thrown into my face.
I dont pay for them in RL, so why should I pay for them in EvE? nope, CCP can kiss my money goodbye if this happens.

Literally any other game developer, looking outside of the space genre for players. I’m not a market specialist, and as such I don’t have access to demographics, and other relevant market data. So to give you a suggestion outside of game developers, I would have a bias opinion. Which is why the whole Gundum thing falls apart. I think Valkyrie and Dust did a good job of exposure for the company as a whole. In fact, I would have never heard of EVE if it wasn’t for DUST. Maybe if I had heard of it from other sources, I would have started playing much sooner, as I am addicted to this game.

So you’re saying that if they ever did cross promotion skins, you’d just quit because that’s too much to handle?

enough to be valuable to me.

No, because it’s bulldung and we do not need more of this kind of bulldung or players liking this kind of bulldung in EVE.

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I would say that that isn’t constructive argument and would be ignored by anybody.