Skins and Duds

Yo. CCP. I just got some munny. (A goodly amount of money.) So, I decided to take a look at SKINS and APPAREL and guess what. You seriously can’t want my money. I mean, really.

A lot of apparel has been introduced, but comparatively none is available for sale, UNLESS OF COURSE you’re leaving me to the GREED of the AVARICIOUS EVE players posting the stuff in the market. Get real. I’m not spending eighty million for a shirt. I’LL DO WITHOUT. (Just like you’ll do without my MUNNY! Is that poetic justice or WHAT?)

And the skins. You act like the skins are the same as Pokemon playing cards. Just keep Justice (for instance) out of reach for a while, then when you “bring it back” for 500 aura…er…PLEX…we’ll just soak it up like a sponge with our mom’s Visa cards. Guess what. I don’t spend money with people who jerk me around.

Skins aren’t collectors items. They’re just paint for the ship usually only the owner can see. One day “In Rust We Trust” won’t be worth a billion…unless of course the average EVE player you cater to puts one up on the market for that. (Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.)

So, here’s Christmas coming around the corner. And, instead of finding an envious selection available all I find is ugly you’re pedaling. (Who do you pay to design this stuff, anyway?) And, this money burning a hole in my pocket is on its way to AMAZON, not YOU.

Thought you’d like to know. Happy Holidays!

They will be. Once that skin line won’t be available in NES.

Skins tend to become collectors items and even characters being sold with a lot of skins are worth more.

I do agree. I would my self would like to purchase more skins. But again its up to CCP what they put and don’t put on the NES and it can create ISK out of it.

There’s nice pros and cons to this but if I had my way I would make all skins for Plex. (Just me)

You lost me. Something is making you angry, but I cannot tell what.


Closed for ranting and nothing will come good out of it…

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