Time To Sort Out Ship Skins

The entire market for ship skins is simply a joke. I’ve lost count of the number of times not a single one of the skins listed in ‘Personalisation’ was actually available…anywhere. What’s the point of it listing skins that don’t exist ?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, prices are often absolutely ludicrous. Like 2bn ISK for a Retribution skin. So many cases where the skin costs many times the cost of the ship itself. Even for basic ships like a Gnosis…you can pay 60m ISK to buy and fully fit, only to then find that some of the fancier skins are 800m ISK or so. The market for skins has become a rip off.

Some may argue that is simply the Eve market. But no…really it is ultimately due to the fact that people cannot make their own skins, or have to make do with utterly boring ‘free’ skins from CCP like Halcyon Dawn ( which I prefer to refer to as Halcyon Yawn ). And the CCP algorithm for providing free skins never manages to provide them for ships you actually have…and if it does its always Halcyon Yawn.

So it really is high time people were able to create their own skins. I’d argue for some form of limited and controlled customization…similar to with corp logos or station skins. Creating such skins should have a cost, perhaps related to the cost of the ship itself. Maybe 10% of the ship price or something…with perhaps some additional factor for the fanciest colours or styles.

Being able to sell such skins is another matter, with the biggest problem being that one might end up with 10,000 different types of ‘Praxis skin’. So what I would do is allow players to make any skin within allowed parameters…but only be able to sell skins that fell within certain guidelines. The system would tell you, when you make a skin, whether it is sellable.


They are available because they were sold or part of events or lootable in the past or will be part of events, loot tables or stores in the future.

That’s totally normal and actually just the EVE economy at work.

Soon. Fanfest hinted at the possibility of a skin creator in the not so distant future. Hopefully it will be better than the SKINR maker and be more like a corp logo creator but better.


Well, I don’t call that ‘available’. The fact that someone in some far flung corner of the universe has a skin in their inventory, or that it might be on the market at some unforeseen future date, is not the same as it being available.

It’s high time it wasn’t.

I guess its a good job reality doesn’t care about your definition of available then :slight_smile:


It’s actually the definition.

Just because you can’t afford, does not mean it’s not available.



#nopoors :stuck_out_tongue:



Sigh. I realise English may be a difficult language for some…but nowhere did I relate availability to cost. I stated that skins are listed that do…not…exist in any market in the game. What is the point of it listing skins you could search the whole of Eve and not find ? Should Amazon list Model T Fords because someone had one in 1908 ??


Have to laugh hysterically at forums being so full of ‘your definition’. Let’s see what the definition says.

Oxford dictionary…

Available : able to be used or obtained

Thus if one cannot use or obtain something…it is by definition unavailable. Here endeth today’s lesson in bog standard English. Glad to be of service.


And they can be used, by people who own them and i have zero doubt there will be some of them floating around in peoples assets collections so, you will find that it does meet the requirements for available

Available to YOU is a personal problem and the dictionary defintiion you supplied doesn’t require that they be available to you :slight_smile:

So maybe before attempting to school someone you should actually make sure you’re correctly using the word yourself :wink:


Dont be silly. If I hit ‘buy’ on the skin and it is evident that none are available ( there’s that difficult word again ! ) to buy, then none are ( sorry to have to use the difficult word again ) available !

Making up silly semantics about the skin being in some long lost inventory on the other side of Eve…and not for sale…is just about as silly as it gets.

If you went to a store to buy widgets and the sales person said ’ we don’t have any widgets…but Joe Bloggs down the road bought one a year ago ’ would you seriously consider that widgets were available at that store ?

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Just set your settings to Only show my SKINs and all the listed skins do exist. You own them already. - Problem solved.

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It was more than a hint, it was a Soon™ promise

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CCP isn’t capable of rational thought where you can just buy all, or at least most, skins most of the time. It’s like they don’t WANT to make money. One could argue that this helps the ingame economy of scarcity and entrepreneurship but what it REALY does is telling all of the non-haves (so pretty much most and especially new players) “no you can’t have that”.

Why can’t you buy (lets choose something basic here that has no special connotation ingame) Valimor Legacy skins. They’re green, not fancy or amazing but for some people it might look cool especially if they aren’t priced silly. Not for sale, can’t get them. It’s dumb.

CCP is very frustrating in very many ways, to their own (financial) detriment.


That’s because english may be difficult for you.

If an item is not in the market, then its cost is not in ISK.
Sometimes, you need trust. Sometimes, you need empathy. Maybe you lack both ?

No, because Amazon is a market which never sold a T. Your list of skins is not a market. It’s a list of skins. Available asset is not available merchandise.
Should wikipedia remove the page of for T because it’s not sold anymore ?
Also, amazon still has a page for things that they once sold but don’t sell anymore.

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Sigh. I specifically said I was looking on the market. How about reading what a person has actually said ?

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Tbh I don’t know why CCP doesn’t have a workshop for people to literally create free skins for them.

Am I wrong to point at valve and what they do for Dota 2, tf2, CSGO, and so much more? They have had great success from the community.

I know I am not a dev but people are willing to do free labor to make skins for this game. :joy:

Maybe it’s legal issue? Uh… Management problem? idk.

Community makes skins-------Devs accept limited number of skins--------skins go onto CCP website/packs-------CCP profits off of free artwork from community--------repeat?

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Oh yes…that’s really going to help with buying a new skin I don’t have. Yet another person who skipped through actually reading the OP.

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And I specifically answered what you said. How about answering what a person has actually said ?
I know already, it’s because english is too difficult for you.

You are pretending that those 5 skins are not available, because there is no market offer for them :

Yet I own one of them each (and I believe I already activated them too).
So they are not available to you , but this not an item attribute. The game can’t tell if you are intelligent enough to understand it.

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If you send the isk to me, I’ll send you the skin.

Problem solved.

I dont know what the best solution is but the skinning experience does not seem great at the moment

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