Equinox in Focus: Personalized Ship SKINs

Another week, another topic for our In Focus series!

EVE Online: Equinox will add in new functionality for the SKINR tool, extending it to ship SKINs. Check out the information about it here, along with a short video demo.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them here or over on the EVE Online Discord. We’ll have a live stream over on CCPTV on Thursday, 23 May, at 16:00 UTC answering some of your questions and doing a hands-on demo.


TTP will be about 5 seconds :slight_smile:


Phallus, Hello Kitty, Rainbow, Hot Pink, Matte Black, Gold, Chrome. In that order. Will probably take about all of 5 seconds. Those are the very first thing that players would do.


Frosty would like to display his mining ledger :ledger: graph on the side of his mining barge!

/you know the Ore type per day!


Since you need to pay Plex for all these effects, patterns and colors, is it possible to sort of prototype a skin design and pay the PLEX at the end of the process? In other words: Can I design a skin with all patterns, colors and effects and then in the end use a check-out system like in an online shop to pay the total price to activate the skin?


OMG, butterflies in space.


you knew it was coming when they made the butterfly effect trailer



Middle finger skin

Is it really only going to be plex only? That’d be disappointing. Since its linked to paragon I thought I’d finally have use for evermarks. Looks amazing tho! More customization than expected and can looks super clean and easy to use. Can’t wait to lose hours painting my lil digital model ships


What about old skins?


The icon for alignment seems to be identical to that of the magma Reagent from skyhooks, is this merely a fluke?


This update is what Shift CTRL F9 is for…

Wonder what that will do to the PLEX prices :rofl: , 5.3M in Jita right now.


Just another toy for the whales. Nothing to see here, move along.


I love when CCP talks about things during announcements that don’t end up being part of the system for who knows how long. Me and several members of my corp were looking forward to producing SKINs for our corp - or at least even hearing what that system will actually look like.

Oh well.

(Still excited for SKINR tho.)

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  1. Will license sequencing detect when someone manages to create a duplicate of my own creation and block the impostor from their act?

    Or “if you can mimic it you can have it” applies?

    I hope the name of the skin must be unique at least

  2. How many Ship SKINR Skills are there? How many SP are needed to max them out?

  3. Will we be able to submit our own patterns?

  4. What about the additional effects we saw at FF’23 presentation? Like this one:

    or this

    is it coming on Equinox launch date or in one of the next iterations?

I can already see 37,000 of you fighting over the rights to the first hot pink flaming Drake…


There can only be one such skin :pensive:
CCP consider adding number of licenses sold stats to every skin in Paragon Hub, so everyone will see which “Drake Hot Pink Flaming SKIN” is The One

Well if its anything like 2ks community creations, you may see 3 different hot pink drakes

SKIN NFTs when? :thinking: :smirk: :smiling_imp: