Equinox in Focus: Stronger Groups & Enhanced Goals

As part of the Equinox expansion, coming 11 June, we’ve released a devblog covering the upcoming changes to the corp UI, corporation projects, the new daily goals system, and a few more useful tools.

Check it out, and if you have questions feel free to ask here or on the EVE Online Discord

Our next In Focus stream will be a wrap-up Director’s Chat with CCP Burger and CCP Rattati (with some special guests!) next Friday, 7 June. We’ll also be releasing the patch notes following the stream, so you have all weekend to plan and prep for the Equinox release on 11 June!!

Fly safe!!


Will there be further updates regarding corporation management in Equinox, other than what’s mentioned here?


Can we disable the “card” display in the ship hangar and switch back to the current icon-only view?

Asking for a friend who has several dozen Ships in his hangar and would like to see as much of them as possible without scrolling…


yes you can

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I noticed that the card view of the Squall had the EDENCOM emblem on it.

Does that mean that the new Upwell ships will be listed under the same ship tree as the Upwell-designed Vorton ships?

If so, will the existing EDENCOM ships and skills be rebranded to Upwell equivalents now that EDENCOM is less of a narrative focus and the Vorton ships are more widely used by Upwell forces?

There was a mention of publicly available corp projects a while back, will this be included in Equinox? If not, is it still on the horizon?


Why are they finally killing the Territorial Claim Units? I mean, yeah they don’t do much if you don’t want to use a control tower (their fuel savings were not given to athanors when moon goo was changed to a mining operation). On the other hand it’s been part of the game long enough that it seems strange to give it the boot.

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Why can’t we create project goals where the reward is some of the taxed LP?

We can tax ISK and we can tax LP, we can also transfer ISK to and from corporations, but we can only transfer LP to corporation, but not the other way around.

It would be way easier for corp role management to be able to just payout or create projects for our members to get specific LP payout on some actions instead of having to have somebody with wallet roles fly somewhere and then trade the LP items to indy guy once corp wallet was used to buy things…

Also having to wait for ages for items to appear in corporate deliveries is a pain, will the new interface fix this?

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this wasted space in the gui :poop: :woman_facepalming:

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While corp/alliance improvements are welcome, coalitions need tools. More features should be hooked into the ACL system. And the ACL add/remove UI needs a short notes field, so ACL managers can record why one person or group was added and another was removed, for the benefit of other manager’s questions, later on.

Desired edits to describe new feature:

Ship Loss Projects: These projects give corporations [alliances, and coalitions - any members of an ACL] the support they need to automate ship replacement programs by monitoring ship losses under predefined conditions and awarding ISK payouts accordingly.

CCPls raise Bookmarks and subfolders limits :slight_smile:


I’d rather they ax the LP tax and keep ISK tax.

I’m wondering at what point will we have alliance hangars and alliance projects.
Corp projects are great, but they just don’t make sense if I cannot set them alliance wide.

Yup! The options will look like this:

So it just adds a new view while leaving the old ones the same. Though I will add that in the new view (card view) you can hover over a ship to see its fitting.


If you are on it, why not add this feature for all views? Many players will want to keep the old Icon-View to have a better overview of their ships in less screen space, but would appreciate to have a quick-preview for the fit, for sure.

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This is something the team absolutely do want to work on, but it won’t be available in time for Equinox. I don’t have a time for when it might come, but I know it’s something they’re excited about.


It’s completely fine. You guys are doing a fantastic job! Thank you!
Keep it up!


Are we going to get any of the corp goals stuff in the ESI?
How about the new structures? are they going to work with the existing ESI endpoints?

“The daily bonus SP reward goes from 10,000 to 5,000 per character, but a new final SP reward track milestone has been added with up to 225,000 SP per character. Previously, simply logging in daily could net up to 150,000 SP per account per month, whereas the new system will reward more meaningful activities with up to 375,000 SP per character per month, meaning up to 1,125,000 SP per account.”

Am I missing something? Assuming 30 days in a month, log in ad do your daily goals (currently) gives you 30 x 10,000 SP = 300,000 SP … not 150,000 SP as written.

Yes, you have forgotten to add at least 3 times the final track milestone, which you get for both alpha and omega tracks.

EDIT: it seems they will modify the daily as also stated in the text as “10.000 to 5.000”…so you will not get 30 x 10.000 SP, but 30 x …this range… so that it adds up to 150.000 SP at max. And then the final track milestones on top. This is also visible in the video of this announcement.