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Can we add a feature to the skin window that allows us to see how many skins we have collected and how many skins are available PLZZZ. I hate counting manually to see how many I have activated. Seems like a simple request.

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Try making this a suggestion in Features & Ideas, more precisely in the thread called Little Things. Follow the format of the comments there, which is also explained at the top. It lets CCP skim through all those little ideas quickly and easily.

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There’s an area in your character sheet where you can see which SKINs you own :slight_smile:


I was about to say the same thing just now, that it’s in the character sheet.

Hi Rem Ko, the Character Sheet has a Skins tab, now on that screen to the left is a search entry box and a little cog wheel next to it.

Click that Cog Wheel and it will let you click one of three Options, All Skins, Only Skins I have, Only Skins I don’t have.

yeah cog wheel is not that easy to find, I only found it because I read your question and wondered if it was possible to list your skins…

I have four Skins

Which is all I will ever need.


Character sheet - Skins tab, there is this little gear icon.

Hey @CCP_Falcon! I posted it in Little things, but neither you or @CCP_Karkur ever replied if it was a little thing or was it a reasonable idea at all. So I’ll take another chance.

I think show info in SKINs tab should link to SKINs info not the ships.


I also think that:

  1. There is a lot of skin folders with the same name. Adding faction name seems reasonable.

  2. SKins info tab links to ‘Material’ info tab where there are those cool buttons to 1-click buy skins. Why aren’t they in skins tab?

  3. Ongoing sales could show here too.

  4. I’ll repeat, Ship info here, not skin info as it should be.


Thx for the replies. I am aware that you can see each individual skin and how many of that type you have and how many are available. What I was trying to say was at the very bottom it should show the larger number being the total amount of every skin. xxxx/1,200 for example. The total of every skin combined.

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This only shows me what skins I have. It does not do a total sum of ALL skins I own. I want to know the total amount of every skin acquired and have it displayed somewhere.

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ty CCP Falcon. I understand I can view what SKINS I own. I probably have around 600 active. But I don’t know for sure if its 600 b/c I have to manually count. I just want to see the sum of all skins as a number not just each available skin for those ships in each category.

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I recently upped some 70 levels in Project Discovery, so I got 70 double skin boxes. So I spent like 15 minutes opening the boxes. Like 5 clicks and 5-7 second of unnecessary waiting and animations per box. And then another 15 minutes activating skins one by one, cause you cant select all and activate all.

@CCP_Falcon I’d like you to do an experiment for me. Take a fresh new character. Add half of every skin set to his/her cargo and activate them. Then try looking for missing half and add them and activate. I think this will only take like a… month of your time.

This doesn’t look like a ‘Collection’, more like a mess. I’d like to collect skins, I really would. But no one ever replied if QoL and UI are going to happen, or even necessary from devs prospective. Why bother if they don’t? Why waste time?

Somehow these Skins topics don’t seem to get much attention. My thought, as I told in some other similar topic was that presumably most players don’t care about skins at all. Out of those who do, most people only buy a skin for the ship they fly the most, and never bother anymore. No player attention = no CCP attention.

I see no other explanation. The skins are supposed to be the product, large part of their monetization based upon, NES is mostly skins after all. Guess it isn’t.

Went to reddit to check if there is evidence of players interest In skins. And there is. Every new skin set is announced and discussed. Serenity only skins. All sorts of skins stuff. Even same suggestions I spoke of. Well, no wander, they are pretty obvious QoL little things.

Better variants of some SKINs have been on SISI for ages; will we ever get them?
[Suggestion] Add some mark what SKINs we already have. In market browser skin section too
Can we please get the SKiNS menu cleaned up?
QOL Request: Group SKINs by SKIN name
skins site:

Then I discovered this topic PSA, You can skin any ship with any skin (BLOOD RAIDER NYX ON TQ)
I missed that moment in game somehow, but it says there was a bug and you could apply any skin to any ship. There are pretty cool pics of Gallente ships with Sarum and Police skins, and other crazy combinations. Some opinions I’d like to quote:

Omniwar Pandemic Legion
Just so you know, I found it (and posted it on reddit) a day or two after the system first hit SiSi. Resisted an attention garnering title like this thread though so most people seemed to ignore that I was posting ingame screenshots and not just using one of the V3 tools that exist.
As an aside, this really makes the whole skin system feel VERY underwhelming. This bug opened our eyes to the possibilities that the skin system offers when not restricted under heavy-handed aurum pricing and tight ship restrictions (ships which, I should mention, most players rarely if ever fly). All of these assets already exist in the game; it’s simply a limitation of the system designed to get people to pay $5-30+ for a single t1 ship skin.
I understand that some of the skins don’t work on every ship and that everything does not need to have the option to be sarum gold, but I would really hope you at least consider something along the lines of skins being able to be applied to their respective races. I’ve had some of the most genuine fun in the game I’ve ever had playing around with the countless colorschemes and styling options that this bug offered, both on Singularity and the live server. Everyone else who was playing around with the skins tonight had hugely positive reactions to it and had similar experiences to my own.
I’m pretty convinced that skin system isn’t going to go anywhere if you’re going to let it go on in its current state without significant iteration. Overpriced skins for ships that people don’t fly, limited if any customization options, the feeling that you’re locked into a single type of ship after investing so much isk into the skins for it which runs counter to much of the rest of Eve’s core ideals and just the knowledge that so much more customization opportunity lies out there just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

ccp_cognac CCP Games
We have skins that are expensive(performance) and don’t perform well, thus we leave them out. we also have art direction in our game which can have an impact on what we can do with each skin. has nothing to do with malice or trying to keep stuff away form players. we have tried to get as much variety we can with the assets we currently have and we will continue to iterate on that. In your mind you might want amarr skins on caldari ships… but that is not happening from our side , integrity of the look and lore of the game will always trump that.

Jafit Dreddit
In your mind you might want amarr skins on caldari ships… but that is not happening from our side , integrity of the look and lore of the game will always trump that.
The lore of the game says that even a day 1 newbro capsuleer is one of the most powerful ultra-rich 0.00000000001% out of unknown trillions of people in New Eden. Apparently the ships that I blow up for fun while drunk actually have crews on them, and every single fun fleet I go on is literally a holocaust that I don’t even notice or care about. If a Mexican cartel boss can have golden AK47s, why can’t I have a gold plated Chimera? In fact why can’t I do whatever I want with ships instead of having 1 or 2 pretty underwhelming and seemingly arbitrary choices for color scheme availability?
By all means have reasonable restrictions, no garish color combinations (apart from the ones that are apparently okay with the lore - like Interbus/Nugoeihuvi). Have pre-determined options for color schemes and such.
But really take the names off the SKINs and they just become paint. It doesn’t matter. My immersion is not broken by seeing a Sukuuvestaa Ashimmu or Gila, I just think “Oh this ship looks pretty cool in silver and black” or “oh wow the Gila gets hexagons and ■■■■ all over it that’s neat”
Pointless restrictions are unsatisfying. How many people went out and dropped a plex or two on skins just to try out this unintended skinning feature?

Jestertrek CSM8
I made this exact argument while on CSM8. I even had a simple mental image/argument for it: “Guys, if I buy an aircraft from Boeing or McDonnell-Douglas, I’m not going to keep that company’s paint job on it. The very first thing I’m gonna do is put my own paint job and company logo on it.”
The art team did not want to hear it. They always came back with a half-hearted “lore of game grimdark dystopian dirty space black black hate life” answer. It got to the point where I took a bunch of pictures of Reyk (also a pretty grimdark place, tbqh), blew them up, and showed the art team lots of places in Reyk where buildings were painted bright blue and green and red and pink in direct defiance of Reyk’s art direction. :wink:
Again, they just didn’t want to hear it. They’ve got a vision, you see.

never_listens Amarr Empire
Not only does their vision suck, it’s actually cutting into their profits.

Whiskeypants17 I Whip My Slaves Back And Forth
Literally this. How many people would buy the $5 paint booth addition? Literally everyone. How many will buy a majestic blood raider bhaalgorn? That one guy.
If I want to rp a blood raider I want all my ships in blood raider colors. Why cant I steal a caldari ship and spray blood all over it?
Do I have to rp that I am a raider in caldari disguise? Is that all the lore allows us to do?

TL;DR: I don’t understand CCP.

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That feeling is shared by a lot of the player base. We even have an emoji for it :psyccp:


but yet as a post shows, they did have the option for it from Fanfest 2017… its 2018, where are our custom skins CCP!!!

New Sets of Skins on Sisi. And they all look gorgeous I must say. No color blends, no camouflage spots. Sharp details, distinct looks. Very well done. Cant wait to get them.

  • Triglavian Singularity Storm (darker one with lightnings)
  • Triglavian Hadean Horror (lighter one with TEETH)

  • Combat Medic Section T1 Logistics
  • Emergency Response Squad T2 Logistics
  • Caldari Union Day for select Caldari hulls

Hey there, sorry that I had not replied at all, but I want to thank you for your suggestions and input on the Skins, they have actually been super valuable! :slight_smile:
Soon you should see some changes appear on Sisi… they might not all be exactly what you suggested, but some of them were heavily influenced by your posts.

Also, I believe @Rem_Ko will be getting at least half of what he is asking for here :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, you are the best @CCP_karkur ! :smile:

The next steps to improve ships/SKINs UI in my opinion would be integrating Ship Tree/NES/SKINs tab, and

Anyway, great news!

What about the customizable skins from Fanfest? Will those actually be coming?

I think its easy win. No gradients with camouflage it is. :sunglasses:

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Pleased my whining turned out to be useful, thank you for your kind words.

Just tested those new features some more. Did I say I love you @CCP_karkur? Multiple activation, group by name, ship info skins tab, everything is so much better this way!

The only thing that is still questionable is that those are still ship info links, see, there are 3 of same SOE ship info links there, not their respectable skins. Magnifying glass there is quite handy though.