Ship Skiner

the ship skier is a really good idea but I think there is a big problem with it.
when designing a new skin I want to try out everything there is before I decide on a design and then buy it, but as it is now, in the studio i can only try out a very limited amount of colors and design elements.
would make a lot more sense to open all colors and design elements in the studio and demand payment only when i want to create that skin design.
not everyone can see the design in their mind, I need to play with all colors and elements to see it complete before I buy it.


They’re going to iterate and expand on it a whole lot. I would even suggest to not bother spending plex until they worked on it some more because right now the options are very limited (and ugly in most cases) and you’ll redo your skins because of it.


There are more patters, they drop from some sites, I have seen people selling those patterns on market.


bu ti think all patterns and colors should be in the studio, so we can make any design out of them. some designs would not be possible to create unless you find or buy the patterns for that design.
this way we will also know what colors and patterns are out there, which are the rare ones,…

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Sadly this is intended design, its very basic mobile game cash grab tactics.

Either you pay that initial 20-50 PLEX to ‘play around’ with the system, so the next few hundred you spend doesn’t seem like that big of a leap, or in about a week or so you’re going to get a pattern and sequencer for ‘free’ (it will still cost you PLEX, as well as additional components) to try and onboard you to the system.

Its the same reason why they force you to sit through the tutorial with aura and ISIS that steals control of your UI away from you to make you go buy a SKIN on the cash shop, the first hit is free after all.


not going to buy any color or design element before i can test the whole design from everything there is. I think many will do the same.

so if its an intended cash grab tactics I hope it doesn’t work well.


I do wonder how some people manage to operate on a daily basis, and not just in game.


I wonder, too. Especially you. You are so horrible at grasping concepts people talk about. This guy doesn’t want the patterns and colors for free. The guy wants to use all the available patterns to design skins and pay the respective total price in the end. CCP is limiting choice and possibilities in the worst possible way, but as long as people like you affirm them in their wrong ways, this won’t change.


Cash grab my ass.

You people would name everythign cash grab at this point. If they would ask PLEX to try it, then it would be not nice, but since you will get it to use it whenever you like, then its not a cash grab. Bah, you dont really need SKIN on a ship to fly it, its purely cosmetic.

Devs dont work for “thank you”. And you people dont really need to use real dolla If you really like this, you can spend some isk to buy plex and then use pattern, it will never be gone, you dont have to buy it with real cash if you are really skimpy.


He wants them without effort right now. CCP decided that given that EVE is a player driven game some of the new skin options should come from in game gameplay and since this is an MMO and not a single player game it should become a play style niche (or addition to an existing niche) where discovery, interaction and trade all come together. You can disagree with that and we can have a decent discussion on it.

OR we can listen to a literal 6 year old stamping his feet about how he isn’t getting his cookie right now who is so entitled that he hopes it doesn’t work out, talk about entitlement. Siding with the 6 year old is not a good look.


He still has to pay for the licenses. That is not “no effort”. You can also still have the drops from exploration loot. Nothing speaks against loot drops even if everything is accessible in the studio. The drops you find and can sell/buy on the market are there to give you free studio assets or give a limited number of free runs, not to unlock them.

So, yes, we could listen to a 6 years old stomping on the ground, because it’s doing so with a reasonable cause, or we could listen to harmful justification attempts of a hostile system from someone like you. Siding with the neurotic who locks essential stuff behind a double paywall for no logical reason is not a good look.


You failed to actually reply to the bold part.

He wants it “right now” with no effort.

I did. You can use the stuff right now, but you have to pay the PLEX price to actually turn it into skins. That is not “no effort”. With the loot drops, you can unlock the stuff to use for free (or whatever), so there is value in the drops even if all the things are accessible in the Studio right away, because they cost Plex to turn into actual skins. This can’t be so hard to comprehend. (Rhetorical remark)

This is what he wants, not “no effort” free handouts.

He wants everything unlocked for him to use, negating any sort of the “some of the stuff comes from finding stuff ingame or trading with others”.

He wants it right now, he wants it without the “effort” of unlocking stuff by finding it ingame or having to deal with others through trade or any other form of interaction. You keep stating “plex means effort” where my point is “go actually play the game and interact with others” as CCP clearly envisions it.

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No, it does not negate that aspect. The loot drops can unlock the stuff for free so that you don’t have to pay PLEX to use them to turn your creation into a skin. You are just not reading this properly. Like always.

Having all the things accessible for Studio use but not free to turn into sellable/usable Skins does NOT remove “actually playing the game and interact with others”.


So tell us, do you agree with him or not?

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Read my above posts. I answered your question 3 times already. Making everything accessible for Studio use and require payment to turn it into skins (with loot drops removing that cost permanently or in a limited way) is a better system than locking all the things behind a paywall and bet on pure chance to get loot drops either yourself or from the market.


Some people have a different perspective on reality than others.


Lets translate this: “I want to not have to deal with discovery, I want everything instant today, this whole nonsense about having to deal with other players should just be circumvented”.

Got it.

You definitely did not. My post clearly outlines player interaction potential and avenues.

But that’s fine. That’s who you are. You cannot comprehend what other people write when it does not suit your narrative. I’m fine with that. :slight_smile: