Time To Sort Out Ship Skins

Sigh. I give up. Did you skip past the ‘skins listed in Personalization’ bit ? What the hell do I care if YOU have the skin in your inventory ? When was your personal inventory ever listed there for me to buy ? Do stop trolling with silly and irrelevant semanticism. Anyone with any sense ( oh gawd…yes its Eve forum so that’s asking a bit ) realises the OP was about what is on the market at the current moment as being what is ‘available’.


But you do since you pretend they are not available. They are, since I have them.

Your claim that they are not available just because you can’t purchase them on the market is wrong.
So them being shown in “available” skin list even though they are not on the market is normal.
But I know, english is difficult for some person.

They are not available ON THE MARKET. It is THE MARKET that shows in personalization…not your personal frikin inventory ! Sheesh…how is it you still don’t get this after having it explained a dozen times ?



Is there a problem here?

So what ? If it’s available, it allows you to open the market to check quicker. Nothing wrong with your local market not having them. Otherwise no skin would be listed while in WS.

Again, just because you can’t buy them on the market does not mean they are not available.
But I know, english is a difficult language for some person.

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It means they are not available on the market. Which is what I originally said.

Lends you my copy of ‘Ant & Bee do ABC’.

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We already know this…

For me skinning is like walking into a store and the shelves are empty

EVE is not a game for impatient entitled millennials (mostly).

If you see a skin you want, put up a buy order and go sit on the toilet and play RAID: Shadow Legends until it gets filled.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


That’s ageism!

That’s a lie. You originally said :

Which implies that skins that are not sold on the market should not be listed as “available” (because they actually don’t exist, according to you)

So, just because they are not available to you, does not mean they are not available.

You may consider reading your copy to start with. I know, english is a difficult language for some idiots. Seems it’s specially difficult for you, since you say one thing and later pretend you said something else.


Yes…we knew that in the OP. Which half the respondents didn’t bother reading before replying. Sort of like trying to get a sensible response at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

It seems there is a slight problem in the game with players being limited to like 17 orders on the market each. (specially alphas :)). There is little room for those set it and forget it orders. So this contributes to “stuff not being on the market”. It just ends up in some station container instead.

Also, this. They are available because you can place a BO for them.

@Altara_Zemara Your issue is that you misunderstand “available” (as an item) as “available right now to you for instant isk”, which it is not. “Available” means that there is no mechanism to prevent it from being used. One such a mechanism can be, to remove the market group from the item. It literally makes it impossible to sell or purchase on the market (but contracts sill work)

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Your definition of ‘available’ is ludicrous. If I go to a shop and they tell me they don’t have any widgets at that shop but Joe Bloggs down the road might have one tucked away in his attic, then widgets are not available at that shop. The fact that someone has one somewhere in the known universe is utterly irrelevant. By your utterly ludicrous logic, if I arrive for a sale and they say ’ we just sold out the last one…Joe Bloggs is walking off with it ’ then the shop can say widgets are still ‘available’…even though you cannot buy one…because someone somewhere has one. That is about as potty as it gets. Do stop trolling.

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If I am hitting the ‘BUY’ icon, and there is nothing to BUY, then the item is not available to BUY if there are none to BUY. That you have one in your inventory is utterly irrelevant to that process ! Do stop trolling.

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No, the item is not available to you right now. Does not mean you can’t place a BO.
Stop trolling !

If they are in my inventory, then it means they are available to me. So you can’t not list them as available.
So them being in my inventory makes them available, this is utterly relevant.
Do learn english.

Yet that’s the definition that is used by the game. You can learn from it, or complain about reality not matching your belief. I believe you already made your choice.

They are not available to you right now, but you can still ask them to notify you when they receive more.
Also, the ingame list skin is NOT a market, so your comparison makes no sense. It redirects you to the market, which allows you to check by yourself.
Please stop trolling with Equivocation - Wikipedia fallacies.

But right now is when I want the frikin thing. That…believe it or not…is why I am hitting ‘BUY’ ! If there are none available to buy when I actually hit BUY…then to any sane person that means there are none available !

What the hell do I care if you have whatever in your personal inventory ? What conceivable relevance does it have to me hitting ‘BUY’ and a skin not being available when I do so ? Why would I be looking up Personalization skins to see what skins you have in your inventory that are NOT for sale ??

I could not care less what you have in your inventory that is not for sale. That is not why I am hitting ‘BUY’.

Why don’t you pull your big boy diapy up and just tick the “show only available” option in the market settings?

Then you won’t be forced to throw an uncontrollable tantrum about the fact that rare items exist.

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Ah, so now you are beyond ridiculous semanticisms and onto the ad hominem.

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