Ship skin relist feture needs to be a thing

so when the new skin selling launched there was next to no info on it. and nothing saying the sales can t be canceled. as with any other listing in the player market or the contracts section allows them to be canceled . i assumed the skin creator sales area would have the same features. there was nothing saying it would not . i listed for max listing time on 2 of my skins. i had to buy a l.arg skill injector to skill up to make and sell skins. and now i have 2 slots that aren’t usable now as i had no clue how much people would pay for skins. and i don’t believe that my initial prices will sell. so im stuck with 2 skins that will sit there for the next 3 months. ccp support said that there’s nothing they can do. we need a feature to make this cancable quick. its completely unfair that there was little info on how this all worked and then making this the only place to sell stuff that cant be cancelled. please fix this. i don’t mind losing the listing price.

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Jul 11, 2024, 15:00 UTC

You guys just don’t get it. We get to share our designs in chat. Great, finally i can share what I would like my corp ship to look like. NOPE, ONLY WHAT IS BEING SOLD AT THE HUB!!! You know… share a design I just finalized in my collection? we are not allowed to share our creations? Get the creative juices flowing for us that live on this? how hard is it to put a link on a finalized design? It was done for our fitting window, location information or item info. Except when I click info and expecting my design to show up( click and drag to chat) instead, i get the base haul of that ship.
I already am able to pick the haul, why do i as a designer want to look at it again in information? I want info on my design!! who design it and when a member of my corp sees it. It’s a waste of movement and my time. Yes, I’m a digital artist and use Daz3D and I can share my creations three-ways to Sunday with anyone. To me this UI should be creator focused / create-share aaaand then sell.
One thing I do like about Skinnr; it is simple and ease of use. Of course it feels neutered to me because i’m use to a program that at it’s base install is over 3GiGs in size and with thousands of dollars in add-ons. So 50Gig of disk space for now.Please take out the useless repeat function and replace it with a share link to chat or eve mail.
I love the game and it has come a long way. keep up the good work.

Thank you for your time,