How to share a skins from ship skinner?

I’ve create some skins and I like it. But I won’t sell it. I wanna give these skins to my friends. And I wondering if @CCP will bring that functionality? Because I couldn’t find it for now. Or I missed something?

nope you have not missed anything you can’t at the moment, There is SkinR market coming but not sure when and i have heard that they will take 30% of the seller fee so you will have to add that in!

Hm… I’ll be sad sad if I can’t share skins with friend.

I’m not entirely sure how it works, but I’d imagine ( as its what other MMOs do ) that sellable items must have one of the options…

  1. transferable…no copying
  2. copyable…no transfering

Otherwise someone could take something you sold and copy it and make 10,000 copies and give them away to their friends and you’d see no ISK. So status (1) means an item you can transfer ( which means you yourself lose it ). It’s like there is just one of it.

Status (2) would mean you could copy to your heart’s content for personal use, but cannot transfer to anyone else.

That’s how many other MMOs work with such things…I’d imagine something similar must be the case with Eve skins.

I do not follow this logic :slight_smile: I mean I create a skins ok, like I create a ship for example. So I can sale or contract the hull of Loki, but can’t skin? But I understand what you saying.

There’s a way to share the recipe to build a skin - meaning you still spend the plex on the elements needed, just not the 30% tax.


I couldn’t find a way to share it.

Like this:


I came here to ask the exact same question. I made several skins for my alts on my main account, and now that they’re made, I can’t send them to my characters. I mean, I could list them for an isk or a plex, but what is to stop some bot from buying it up?

CCPLEASE, this is ridiculous. Why can’t I make my SKIN an object that I can trade to someone? I spent a small fortune in plex to make these skins and now they are sitting in my main account… sure, I could mark them for what I paid to make them, but I’ll lose the 30% listing fee and 5m isk just to give it to my alt.

I’m ok with this being a blatant cash grab. I am ok with this using plex instead of the completely useless paragon points–or whatever. I’m not ok with not being able to --GIVE-- my ship designs to my alts/friends.

C’mon, CCP. you already have the PLEX i spent making these skins. do you really need more?


But point was different. I wanna share skins to firends, not sell them.

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Yeah, completelly the same point. Friends, alts… whatever… @CCP_Alpha please tell us, this is still in dev or some kind of a BP?

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That’s what that post is about, how to share the recipe so they can craft it themselves. So don’t know how you came to the conclusion it is about selling them, unless you didn’t even read it or didn’t understand it or something. :thinking:

Uriel: I have a few of the unlimited colors that my alts don’t have. I’d have to spend 150m to buy the colors that I already own on my main.

The question is which comes out cheaper in total in the end, making the SKIN on your alt or selling it to your alt.

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It shouldn’t be either, you should just be able to trade the item for free


I disagree with your red herring. CCP is largely an Icelandic country, and they crawled their way out of a socialist collapse by becoming one of the most libertarian countries in existence.

Regardless, I already own all the reagents to produce the skin, and the plex needed. it seems silly that I have to pay a premium to give something I already own to a character I already own. As previously stated, I get this is a cash-grab, and I get that its a premium thing, but its silly, again, that I can’t just give the premium thing, I’ve paid for and developed the skills for, to an alt, I literally already own.


If it was true that you get it then you wouldn’t complain about it. :wink:

The point of my post was that there is a difference between what one would find good and what is available.

You don’t have to accept this of course but you yourself recognize CCP’s intentions, as such can see how likely they will change the system.

The next best thing one can do is choose the cheapest method.

Of course complaining can show CCP what people think and if enough people complain maybe they will change things.

But honestly if people could make cheap SKINs that would undervalue their own SKINs and obviously they want their share as well as that also undervalues their own SKINs if people can just make their own versions of current or future planned SKINs.

I personally would not make SKINs for the current price but also see there is not much hope for them toning down their markup at least not in any considerable amount as that would affect their own bottom line, and we know corporations only really ever care about one thing, and one thing only, and in the most “dedicated” way possible: their bottom line, which is the very reason for their existence.

So really not seeing they backpedal on this despite all the opposition because there is only one thing worse than player backlash, and that is having to face the backlash of their investors.


exactly why I made my post, and why I’m replying. the more CCP sees, the more likely they’ll change or fix the system.

You can understand a system and still complain about it. I wouldn’t expect someone who believes UBI a positive system to understand that concept.

You even contradict yourself in your own post. unsurprising.

Unlike in a socialist system, where you have to wait for it to collapse under its own weight, or have to shoot your way out, we can just complain and not pay until things get fixed. The more we complain and critique, the more likely there will be change. After all, CCP is a capitalist company, and if they don’t get their money because people refuse to participate, they’ll change the system.

I restate my position… I want to trade my alts these skins I’ve made and paid for. I’d like to trade them to friends, corpmates, etc.

I shouldn’t have to list them on the paragon hub to disperse them.


Never even implied that, you are just imagining things, probably because you are too emotional about this subject which blinds you to what people actually express in opposition to what you see in their posts.

I highly recommend calming down a bit and re-reading my posts. :wink:

Edit: Btw as plenty of people already use the system it is ever more unlikely they will change the pricing. But of course good luck, the chance is never zero so who knows.

Except you dont own your character or the skin.