Paragon Skin Hub - sending to other accounts

Hey how do you actually sell skins in the Paragon hub? I can’t see any options.

Want to share my ORCA skin to my 8 other toons.

Go to the SKINR tool. Then select the Collection tab at the top. Select your sequenced skin, then you will see a sell option at the bottom.

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There’s no option to share.

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all toons have to pay, no private skins unless they make them themselfs.

its a missed opportunity for CCP as a share thing or private sales would generate revenue for fleet-skins …
but i guess that would put paragon out of business :wink:


Damn ok thanks.

Is there a set minimum?

The only way to send a SKIN is to put up with the 30% Market Tax. You can try to put it in for 10 ISK and quickly buy it, but beware there are a lot of people sniping those cheap SKINs so you better put it for 300mil and eat 100million loss.
SKINR in it’s current form is nothing anybody asked for. The ability to create skins is cool, but eve is a social game and the Paragon Hub seems very antisocial.
The best way is just to create the skin on every alt so you save the 30% market taxes.