Sharing skins across accounts / characters

Can we please have a feature to share the skins we purchase across accounts / characters? Even if this was a monthly paid service I think it would be very popular. One I think this would create some revenue from the service itself via monthly or one time fee, but two it would also lead to more skins sales as people would be much more inclined to purchase skins.

I like the plausibility of across the same account, Kinda like how Diablo 3 has a shared stash that all characters on that one account can dip in.

but across accounts, no… hell no…


What would happen if you sell the character?

The way I have pictured it working is the skins still belong to a single character the same way they do now, but when you have this service activated you can access the skins on other characters that you have.

This would potentially cut CCP’s revenue stream by up to 1/3rd. If players want something, they’re willing to pay for it, and if it’s given away for free, they won’t make money off it. Also, sharing SKINs across chars on the same account will decrease the demand for SKINs for players that would have have bought multiple of the same SKINs otherwise, thereby affecting the in-game SKIN economy ISK-wise. Lower demand, same supply = lower ISK cost for SKINs. This isn’t without consequences - it devalues SKINs.

Someones been playing Destiny 2 as well I see lol

This was my main until I made a new one, of course on the new one I had to buy some of the skins again (same account). My thought wasn’t oh that’s great, it was more like what a bunch of tight arses.

Most games make purchased items available to characters on the same account.

Should skins be account based, yes.

Should skins be available across accounts, no.

Edit: I should say this was a main, as I have had several mains over the years.

Skins should have been account & not char yes. I don’t think there is any real revenue loss infact it may encourage hesitant players to consume more skins rather than hoarding if they were account.

No way will skins be multi account, ccp does not even track or verify account ownership anyway.

CCP could also make more $ if they stopped re-issuing skins often for a fraction of release cost. Skins in eve are not collectible as they have no scarcity owing to re-issue & depriciate horrifically due to later price slashed re-issue.

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