Skin Linking

With the price of some skins. We should be able to link our skins between accounts so we can enjoy our expensive skins on any character.

Either that or the price of skins both in plex and isk should be considerably lowered.

Or both. IMO it would be better for CCP to encourage the collection of entire sets of skins at a lower price and let us link them rather than the current kinda naff system where someone may invest in the odd one they like.

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Spend more IRL money on eve.

Go on, do it.

No. You want stuff on multiple accounts, you buy it for multiple accounts. Where the hell do these entitled twits come from? No game out there let’s you buy dlc on one account and share it with all the others, so can’t even blame it on OP being a WoW noob.

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Most MMO’s let you buy some things per account, and you have all your characters on one account, so… they kinda do actually let you do that.
Given the tech that drives EVE skins, they are pretty stingy with what they unlock for the price.

I don’t get the resistance tbh. It’s a basic business principal that you can sell more for less if your production costs are low. As per above the Tech that powers EVE skins and the pure number we already have means they are incredibly low production costs.

Thus the argument that they should move to a different model of distribution is valid, especially in a time of real-world recessions. Moving to an account-linked collection ideology offers more incentive to get people to interact with the skin system. Basically, I’m arguing people will spend just as much or more if skins are much much cheaper and can collect sets over all their characters. It is an obvious win from a Business and gameplay sense.

It’s uncertain if simply having skins account wide will actually motivate people to buy more skins.

I am on the opposite side of this you buy 1 skin for 1 character. People therefore buy skins for all their characters. Having skins account wide would just reduce the number of skins people buy over time?

Your whole argument hangs on a feeling that people will buy more skins because they are simply account wide. (Yes, I know we don’t have access to data) Business cases are done with data/numbers/feelings. It’s hard to believe combined with the insignificance of skins in EVE combined with their high prices for the better one’s people will buy skins account wide. I can see why CCP just makes high priced skins and have them only on 1 character. I think this would just reduce what little revenue CCP gets from skins.

EVE is a global company they care little for the economic situation in every country they offer their game in. They have based their game off of USD for a while now as we have seen them changing other prices. They do what they can to make prices roughly equal to USD.

I would also like to mention in the grand scheme of things skins are very very small thing that is in EVE. It’s unlikely CCP will see the merit in account wide skins in my humble opinion.

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I don’t really consider someone wanting a vanity item in a game entitled. It literally has no value.

But in terms of selling characters it can have value

Anyone wanting to only fund an item on one account but have it for all of their others is indeed entitled. Maybe a sub on one account should be shared between all of your accounts then. Game packs should be handed out to every account you make simply because you bought one on one account. Selling cosmetics is a way to fund the game. You don’t fund the game by giving the ■■■■ away. I’m sorry simple business acumen is lost on the entitled and socialistic, but the fact remains.

Edit: Also, if the skins had no value, they wouldn’t cost money, dummy.


  1. believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges.

don’t see anything about value in that definition.

What im more interested in is how the OP thinks this would be doable. How are you linking accounts? This going to be an honor system like a netflix password?

Yeah well, looked up the definition of a woman recently?

I’ve got an awesome business opportunity for you then! I’d like to sell you these new things, they’re called NFTs.

I’m confused what’s your point exactly?


an adult female human being.

Skins are a cosmetic purchase in a videogame.

NFT’s are a predatory financial scam.

The fact you think they’re the same says all about your educational level anyone will ever need to know.

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I mean many would argue that’s exactly what skins are.

Particularly when you remember the tools used to create them were meant to be used by the players and the reason ccp originally claimed they had to charge for the ones they put out was to pay the artists.

Considering paid skins as a revenue source have been part of gaming long before EvE ever thought of having them, the only ones making that argument would be idiots. As for why players don’t get to make skins, it’s not just because of various laws regarding who has to be paid for what, it’s also because people are morons who like to put penis’s on everything when given a chance. The only company ever to successfully handle players making art assets was SOE/Daybreak with their Player Studio for EQ/EQ2, which not only had to pay players ( and handle taxes ) for their creations but also dedicate manpower to approve of every object, texture, etc, submitted. They finally shut it down because they couldn’t afford the hassle, headaches, and costs any more.

Look. the real point is there are f tons of skins now. Some at insane prices that make it a bit sad if you own it on 1 character but not on another on another account. I simply argue that if they set up a linked collection and lower the price per skin people will be more inclined to buy more skins overall and thus players will be happier and revenue shouldn’t change much.

Yeah, only have to buy a skin once and link it with all the other accounts you want and lower the price to boot. Definitely no revenue drop there, genius. You have no argument. Buh bye now.

You haven’t looked into the history of ship skins have you…

Why? Was there a schlong skin I missed?