Make skins available in all your alts under one single license!

The fact that I have to buy the same skin for all my alts makes me not want to buy anymore skins at all.

Make a skin license available for all accounts under 1 email.


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I have many accounts under the same email…can I have all my skins available to all my accounts then too?

You don’t HAVE to buy them in the first place…stop thinking you are entitled.

ÂżAre you saying that you want CCP gain less more money from skins?

A terrible idea for CCP but a good idea for players.

lol woosh! :crazy_face:

I agree if on the same account login, not on alts on other account logins.

Actually it isn’t a good idea for players if you want to see more investment in the game. For the developers, this is a job - they expect to get paid for their work.

Skins are purely cosmetic, a status symbol - you don’t have to buy them.

CCP can generate additional revenue without disrupting game balance - a win for players and the company.


Ship skin is an expression of a characters identity.
One ship skin license, one character.


A couple of years ago I came from other games where collectibles were unlocked account-wide. I bought some exclusive skins with some promotions and went ahead and unlocked them thinking they’d be available to all 3 character slots on my account… then I decided to create a second character and realized these unlocks were per character. :woman_facepalming:

Well… now I have two characters with different customization unlocks across them… and now I’m thinking about making a third character for a freash start…

It would be nice if we could have acount wide permanant unlocks, but failing that at least let us retrieve those unlocks and send them to another character on the same account somehow… even if it costs PLEX or ISK, I just don’t want to lose stuff I paid money for that isn’t available anymore (or only available from scalpers)

Point being, if I own it as a player I should be able to use it and if I want to move all my customizations to a different character or new character on the same account there really needs to be some way to do that.

I mean, we can use skill extractors to yank SP out of our digital brains and send them to other people, why can’t we have something to extract paint jobs and clothing?

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