CCP - Please, allow us to transfer skins licenses to another character for a fee (maybe)?

I dont mind buying skins, but if I have to buy the same skins for every character then I rather not buy any skin…

I would buy a lot more skins if I could transfer them from a character to another paying some sort of fee/tax (isk sink).

Please make it possible so that we can enjoy the skins we already bought for plex with all our characters (one at a time, not all at same time)


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Introducing the Hyperskinner, available in the New Eden store: removes an active SKIN license from your character and provides a 50/50 chance of returning a new, pre-activation SKIN license. Otherwise the skin is lost.

Make it a plex fee, like other pilot service features. I agree with this proposal.

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That would be just fine for me.

I could see something like an account level unlock for skins, for a price (plex).

If the skin costs 100plex, maybe charge 50plex to unlock the rest of the account.

Not going to say it will never happen - after all, they let us transfer skillpoints for a fee!
I sincerely doubt it will happen unless the transfer fee earns them more than selling a new license.

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