Proposal: ability to "eject" unwanted skins for PLEX

Did not find this topics mentioned here.

We can buy vanity items for our characters, and easily exchange clothing to increase our immersion. Also if you do not like your shape, you can buy the option to re-customize your character.

But we see our characters rarely, most of the time you see your ship (OK you zoom out for PVP, but you get my point). Once you inject a vanity skin, you can not remove it, it is stuck to that character.

I myself have been playing for many years, collected many skins during this period. Now that I start to get a feeling how to form my characters, and tend to specialize, some ships classes and thus skins become unnecessary, and I would love to move them to a different character.

I would pay PLEX for the ability to de-inject (missing good word) skins, which I could sell or use on another character. Could be a big investment similar to character recustomization to remove all skins, or maybe a smaller purchase for each skin, who knows.

CCP would get money, and we would get options.

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