Quality of Life 03: Char Organization

  1. Skills
    EVE praises itself that a player can invent himself always anew. This is supported with re-skilling via skill extractors.
    But this leaves - sooner or later - skills empties and there is no way to “trash” such skill, to make it inactive.

For some, this is no bother. For others like me it is very annoyoing.
Therefore I ask for an “X” or “Trash” option to make a skill unlearned again.

I mean, I can trash anything, from gear to ships to skins even to biomass a char.
Why not a skill?

  1. SKINS
    I see myself as a skin collector.
    I like skins and I like seeing ships close up during missions, mining, hauling and such.

Unfortunately I have skins activated due to mistakes, due to automatical activation on login events, due to activation them first but seeing how they look in space later and not wanting it anymore.
Like with skills … why can I not trash them again? I can trash gear, ships, even chars, but why not trash a skin a do not like, want, anymore? Just getting it de-activated in the database?
Please help in this and give the option to deactivate skins.

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