Quality of Life 01: Gameplay

  1. Red-Dots
    Give option to deactivate this Red Dotting. I actually know what I put into my cargo, what I buy at a station, what I salvage in space … and so on.
    This is just some annyoing tablet game mechanic which is one of the reasons I don’t play smartphone/tablet games.

  2. Ship Tree
    Add CONCORD and SoCT ship lines into the ship tree.
    Add special issue ships (even if they are ultra rare) into the ship tree so newbies get to know them.
    Make the ship tree complete by this.

  3. Isotophes
    As alreay someone else brought up on rededit: make racial background for racial isothopes and fuel blocks.
    Please see here for rededit:

  4. Chat Channels
    Why can I not close/remove/leave corp chat? Inside a one-man corp or a “me-and-my-alts”-corp it makes no sense for a corp chat.
    What about a “mute” option for chat channels especially when in e.g. JITA?

  1. Get rid of the local message that you warped to a in a new system…
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I’ve moved this thread from General Discussion to Player Features and Ideas.

No no. Please don’t. I like that. I hated how it didn’t log it.

hmm…simple typo or truth-telling?

What’s it hurting to have it? What, are you bothering yourself by talking to yourself so much or something?

There pretty much already is. Turn the blink off on the tab and simply switch to another channel (even that annoyingly chatty solo-corp chat) *click *click- voila! - problem solved.

  1. Ship Clarifications

Well, we have a heavy assault cruiser, haven’t we? And by logic, if there is a heavy version of something, there should also be a light version. But actually there is no light assault cruiser. It took me ages to understand this.

Please: change “Heavy Assault Cruiser” to “Assault Cruiser”, which is just a more powerful T2 version of a normal T1 combat cruiser.
For frigates it was done correctly … a more powerful frigate, an assault frigate, was brought into the game, and correctly names “Assault Frigate” and not “Heavy Assault Frigate” what would make no sense.

The interdiction cruiser is namend heavy interdictor but no corresponding on the interdiction destroyer. This ship class should then be renamed light interdictor of course.

  1. Missile Clarification
    Where are the LIGHT ASSAULT MISSILES? Same story here … if there are heavy assault missiles I also expected light assault missiles to be somewhere. I needed days to understand that this would actually be rockets.

So please:
Either change “Heavy Assault Missiles” into “Assault Missiles” to be in range with rockets and torpedos
OR change rockets to “Light Assault Missiles” (like we also have light missiles and heavy missiles for long range engagements).

  1. Flight Modes
    Many ships have 2 different fligth modes:
  • combat mode : wings opend, weapons extracted, gun ports opened and such …
  • flight/warp mode: wings folded, weapons retracted, gun ports closed and such …

It makes no sense that a ship that leaves a dock does this in combat mode.
No military does this.
It makes no sense that for a warp jump of only a few mere parsec a ship goes to warp mode, foldes / retracts stuff and appears at target without having this even finished.

Please changes this.
Ships leave dock, fly and warp around ALWAYS in flight mode.
Combat mode is only activated when targeting a ship (so this could be implemented into the targeting function/module in the source code)

Thanks … me being unsure where to post this and if even someone takes notice.

  1. Skills
    EVE praises itself that a player can invent himself always anew. This is supported with re-skilling via skill extractors.
    But this leaves - sooner or later - skills empties and there is no way to “trash” such skill, to make it inactive.

For some, this is no bother. For others like me it is very annoyoing.
Therefore I ask for an “X” or “Trash” option to make a skill unlearned again.

I mean, I can trash anything, from gear to ships to skins even to biomass a char.
Why not a skill?

  1. SKINS
    I see myself as a skin collector.
    I like skins and I like seeing ships close up during missions, mining, hauling and such.

Unfortunately I have skins activated due to mistakes, due to automatical activation on login events, due to activation them first but seeing how they look in space later and not wanting it anymore.
Like with skills … why can I not trash them again? I can trash gear, ships, even chars, but why not trash a skin a do not like, want, anymore? Just getting it de-activated in the database?
Please help in this and give the option to deactivate skins.

These ship and missile name suggestions are mostly silly.

Interdictor and heavy interdictor are fine. One is an interdictor. One is an interdictor that is heavier than the other. There’s no confusion or ambiguity here, neither is there any with the missiles. There never has to be a light interdictor for there to be a heavy one. The adjective is relative. One is heavier than the other, therefore one is named as such.

There’s no actual benefit here other than your personal sense of symmetry, which I disagree with. There’s no quality of life or immersion improvement here, just appeasing some personal sense of aesthetics.


RMT and EVE Store.

As I understand there is the constantly RMT issue around. But is anyone aware that EVE Store is part of this as well? People buing skins for e.g. 100 Plex then selling them 10 billion ISK or even more after some time inside game?

But they can only sell because the skins have been discontinued and not available otherwise. And then who knows which people using this massive ISK income , a multiple times the worth of such skin, not for RTM?

Also for myself … I’ve started with EVE in september 2017 and my only regret today is not having started many years earlier. Why? Because of skins of course.
There are so many skin lines not available anymore, discontinued before I even began. But is this fair for newer players? Seeing skins in the ship overview but then getting the message "ups, bad luck pal, no change for getting this, suck off.

Please make the discontinued skin lines available in the store again.
Maybe on some roulette scheme, having another skin line each few months.
Also fill up missing skins inside a skin line like the rest of amarr hulls for Khanid skin or the rest of minmatar hulls for Krusual skins, just to mention these two as example.

So newer players can make their ships looking good (in their opinion) and not making newer players fools here. Also to reduce the possibility (even if only used as additional argument) any RMT in this.

RMT would be the jackasses making a profit IRL from Eve. CCP has stated that they would rerelease discontinued skins on a limited time basis

Absolutely nothing to do with RMT - you’re just trying to get skins for cheap…

That said, CCP do occasionally re-introduce skins they previously said were one-time only…

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Stop posting these in general they don’t go here.




Eve - Game of Whales 2020

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I feel a thread of evidence is missing in this chain.

I’ve closed the other threads on this topic you created @Fleur_Lovejoy and merged them into one thread to keep all discussion together.

When you do an Assault, you use a frigate, when you do a Heavy Assault, you use a cruiser.

Makes sense to me


Assault Frigate agrees with you :slight_smile:

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