Quality of Life 04: EVE Store

RMT and EVE Store.

As I understand there is the constantly RMT issue around. But is anyone aware that EVE Store is part of this as well? People buing skins for e.g. 100 Plex then selling them 10 billion ISK or even more after some time inside game?

But they can only sell because the skins have been discontinued and not available otherwise. And then who knows which people using this massive ISK income , a multiple times the worth of such skin, not for RTM?

Also for myself … I’ve started with EVE in september 2017 and my only regret today is not having started many years earlier. Why? Because of skins of course.
There are so many skin lines not available anymore, discontinued before I even began. But is this fair for newer players? Seeing skins in the ship overview but then getting the message "ups, bad luck pal, no change for getting this, suck off.

Please make the discontinued skin lines available in the store again.
Maybe on some roulette scheme, having another skin line each few months.
Also fill up missing skins inside a skin line like the rest of amarr hulls for Khanid skin or the rest of minmatar hulls for Krusual skins, just to mention these two as example.

So newer players can make their ships looking good (in their opinion) and not making newer players fools here. Also to reduce the possibility (even if only used as additional argument) any RMT in this.

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