The Red Dot thread

This is The Red Dot thread. Have all your Red Dot related discussions here.


First !:red_circle:
I like red dots! But not on the place, where they are in game. And maybe just a little bit less red would be nice.

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*EDIT: player features and ideas … “This is the place for the community to suggest features and changes for EVE Online.”


Seriously … You close a perfectly good topic (Red dot rage) with a perfectly good question, to just open up one yourself?

And in case you didn’t know … you can move topics. It would have saved you the trouble of closing one and opening this one.

The day I’ll understand you guys at ISD I can die happy.

Those things really get on my tits. How the ■■■■ do you get rid of this one?


The reason we have opened a new thread about the issue is because there is a surplus of red dot threads. Feel free to discuss the feature here. Any additional thread made after this post has gone up on the subject will be moved here. Thank you.

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just select another tree. :smile: its gone byself.

and first after second isd entry! :partying_face: :red_circle: :red_circle:

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:red_circle: I hope you do not mean to say I am not allowed to red dot every post anymore.

Jesus wept … how nice this “feature” has consistent behaviour. Very new player friendly as well ( not that I am new but the rationale for implementing this atrocious feature was to help new players). It will help them … going beserk, that is.


There is not. They were all closed, otherwise I would have used one of the other ones. Do you see what the result is of over-zealous topic closing?

If you want to discuss moderation, do it elsewhere please. Keep it on topic.

Strike! :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle:

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So basically the red dot is staying and you gave us a FU thread like AFK Clocking and Bumping.

What is it with the red dot, did the design bully/clique leader that is Fing up this game come up with this has his personal best idea?


A megathread is the best way to forward feedback on an issue when it continues to pop up to the team that made the feature. That said, I’m only going to say this once. Follow the rules, keep it civil and stay on topic. This is the only warning I’ll be giving on the matter.

Forward feedback, do you think the red dot is complicated?

How many threads do we need to indicate: STUPID IDEA???

You would think just a few but months later… /facepalm


After the clickfest they made login into, then we have to login and clear the red dots by clicking some more.

It takes like 20 clicks to play this game.


:red_circle: It’s not that the dots are a bad idea.
:red_circle: It’s that the dots are very badly implemented.
:red_circle: And that the only way to actually clear the red dots absolutely sucks.
:red_circle: And there’s absolutely zero user control.
:red_circle: And whichever team decided this was at minimum viable functionality was wrong.
:red_circle: And it should have been rolled back until it was actually meeting any kind of usability standard or had been through even minimal UAT.



Can we get a sun glare thread also?

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I think that’s just called a headache.

I will fight the sun glare until the end of my days!

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Can we pick the colors for the dot?
I want mine to make a rainbow.

Anything with a red dot should expire after 7 days if the dot isn’t cleared before then.