'You have a new item' or how do i waste the time of my devs the best way


A red button?


Is this your definition of ‘a new awesome innovation’?

This MUST be the work of a 5 year old learning how to code…please tell me it’s true…

What a waste of resources…


Department: Things that nobody needs.

When I saw this on the test server two weeks ago, I fervently hoped they would revise it. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The sound and the display already annoyed me after 5 minutes.

Let’s hope they fix it quickly.


The only fix is to get rid of it :slight_smile:


The new feature somehow manages to combine both uselessness and annoyance into one UI element, this thing needs to die,or at least not let it proc every time i change laser crystals…


Yeah, I’m not playing until it’s gone, and if this is the direction they’re headed, I may have to unsub rather than merely wait it out. I mean, it’s not even optional? WTH?


Contract stuff before ragequit ty


Sorry for making another reply to this, but I just went back in to test if I missed something, tried disabling notifications to no avail, kind of out of ideas…

And in the process I learned something about this that frightens me…

I looted a few new things, dropped it in my loot can at the station I run missions from, only to find out the new items, that I had to meticulously hover over every single one of to remove the stupid red dot from, that those new items will not stack with the “old” ones.

I had to drop all my loot onto the hangar floor, so they could be vetoed by this new system, before they’d be tackable, and ofc in the process all the new ones got a red dot, carefully omitting the new loot I already cleaned up, meaning the system tracks every single item or item stack now! They get a new ID!

I mean the overhead that this mess is, and the potential losses to people when it’s ‘fixed’… My head is swimming… This is what it must feel like to go insane…

Who the hell asked for this? And why the hell would they put this much effort into it? Am I still on the same planet I was on yesterday? So many questions…


I simply don’t understand the use case for “highlight new items”. Why?

And could that dot be any uglier?

It needs to be an option that can be turned off, and perhaps the dot could be smaller and less brightly colored.


Stop resisting change, Darling

wtf where is the redeem item section/button its like taken out O_o

Stop resisting change uh? No one told you what to do, yet you feel it’s okay to obligate others in your way of thinking?

This is what this is all about. Imposition of others will, others who wish contrary opinions to be imposed within their periphery. Not that they’ll only complain when those opinions are thrust upon them, no, they’ll seek them out of their own accord.

That’s called a self contradiction. I don’t mind you telling people what to do or not do, but you may want to zoom out and get a birds eye view of things while you’re here.

As for change, it happens, and the world changing under your feet, calling you out one day for exemplifying logical fallacies will most likely happen. Resist it or not, I won’t be the one telling you what to do nor will I judge it as right/wrong. I’ll simply view it as an happening and if it’s imposed onto me, I may even choose to react to it, but you won’t uh? I guess that’s okay…

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You dont get it, thats fine.

The OP has made a billion posts telling others to get over change because its inevitable.

Its fun to see his hypocrisy in full force.


But this is not a gameplay change, this is just a bad UI decision.


Oh historically with him its any change at all lol


Don’t worry Ramona, I said this lightheartedly enough. And I even agree with your opinion based on my gullible sense of trust, only time will tell if that trust was misplaced, but I don’t mind exercising it, so don’t mind me. :slight_smile:

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Its totally cool.

Refreshing to have some polite exchanges :slight_smile:

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I hear you!

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I take it you won’t be needing your stuff, then ?


Uh yea, this " You have a new item" needs to be made optional… Also it’s introduced a bug in the MTU’s “stack all” feature no longer works


In all honesty this was a ludicrous idea. It is making me very twitchy already. Some of us may be a little compulsive and this is just aggravating the hell out of me. I do NOT need to be told I just picked something up or split a stack. I know I did - I just fkn did it! I was right there doing it!!

If you wanted to patronise the idiots fine, but at least you could have let the rest of us who are not thick af turn the sodding things off!