Red dots lagging my game

Not only are the new inventory “features” unnecessary and counter-intuitive, but they lag the game too.
It takes at least three times to move items from one container to another.

  1. New items go to top of inventory, but inventory defaults to the bottom? what?

  2. Auto-stacks items, i didn’t ask it to, did anybody ask for this ■■■■■■■■?
    (Thank you for spamming stack-all every second without my consent.)

  3. Why is there no “Read All” for red dots?

  4. Not optional?? NO OPTIONS PANEL EVEN??

  5. Is there a single braincell between the whole team who implemented/developed this feature?


Thank you.


A smart guy like you, with a vocabulary like that? If CCP knew anything about game design, they would hire you based on this input alone.

My thoughts exactly

Turn off the interface and enjoy the views of space!

Keep the DOTS!!! They are helpful to find what you just put in a container when you have Billions worth of junk. I may be putting something of value i just looted, like an implant or faction mod. Making it optional might help these unadaptable trogs…

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