I know you guys get this alot but CCP can you add an option to remove the red dots

I understand that you face criticism for the red dot and it has kind of become a joke in the comments of literally every forum post, but I am just asking you guys at CCP to please add an option under the settings menu to turn off the red dot. Thank you, again I am not writing this to bug you guys at CCP but I am asking on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of players that play EVE to please add the option to remove the red dot; I understand that it is a minor annoyance but it really bugs me as I have to hover over each new item in the inventory to get the dot to go away.

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Thank you

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hundreds of thousands? Even spandex has a limit to its stretch.


They should add the option to remove people who complain about red dots.


There is a method I have developed, may write a guide but in a nutshell it involves switching between red-dot harboring hangars and making a swirling motion around the affected items with your mouse cursor which seems to remove the attribute from your items.

My theories on what the red dots indicate are being tested and discarded by trial and error. My first couple where that they meant an item could either be overheated, or reprocessed, but I’ve since disproved those ideas.

Research on the issue continues. Next theory is the dot recommends trashing the item, since it comes standard on log in rewards.

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They should add the option to remove the people who complain about the people complaining about the red dot.

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I see someone else has already directed you to The Red Dot thread. Link here: The Red Dot thread

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