Red DOT opt out - WHEN?

Is there a timeline for when this can actually be turned off, even if optional?




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:red_circle: Never.

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They are going to keep it long enough that when a fix is introduced, it can be sold as a new feature, rather than a bug fix.


I guess it will be in April release at best. This is how much time it takes to fix colors in market window before.
Edit: wait a second, red dot was introduced in February release… Adding a check box in settings is significantly harder than changing color, we will have to wait another month I guess.

It will not be changed at all. If they wanted to they would have already.

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They’re aware of how much players hate the red dot (it’s been discussed with the devs on the talk shows), and admit that it might need to be toned down. However, I don’t know why they can’t/won’t make it optional. Ugh, as much as I hate to say it, this may be a case where players need to keep complaining.


If you do not like the red dot then make a bug report every day. If enough people create bug reports every day it will get changed. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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Try it and report back to us.

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Bug report sample template

Annoying Red Dots Everywhere

There are very annoying red dots everywhere. I see them on my sidebar, in my inventory and my cargo hold. Please make them go away! This is messing with my OCD in a big way!

I can reproduce this issue by both getting new stuff and transferring old stuff.

I changed my mind, I like the red dot now because when you have many items inside the hanger and you buy something then the red dot shows me what I just purchased cause I find I am buying things before i really need them and sometimes I had forgotten what I had just purchased.

Red Dot saved me today, did it save you too?


Red Dot was addressed in the CSM Summit, as follows:

Sort Dragon brings up the Red Dot. CCP Muppet Hunter says the general application is useful, but going from no red dot to the red dot was an issue to adapt. The feature was primarily tested by new players who had positive feedback about it, but there was an opportunity to carry out more testing with more experienced Pilots.

  • Overall there is nothing wrong with the dot itself, but the missed edge cases were what caused problems, such as swapping ammo.

Inconsistent behavior is especially annoying with Red Dot, because it calls attention to itself and screams “I am an ‘edge case.’ NOTICE ME!”

I am very grateful for the red dots. They color my days with their tiny, shiny faces. When I undock from station they help me remember that I did indeed replenish my ammo 5 seconds earlier. I am also very thankful that they are very discrete and never clutter the Personal Items window when I buy stuff at range. I also like their sparkly voices, they are so cheerful and always full of good advice. I wish they also carried little placards issuing warnings to the general public. That would be truly amazing. I am also happy that they have adopted a pet that now lives in the market interface, it sounds like quacking so it must be a duck that warns me if I want to buy or sell something. A duck, not a bug. It has a sibling that lives in the New Eden Store. Unfortunately, the duck doesn’t show itself. Yet ?

Still in denial over there in Iceland. Who would have thought. Most of us ? The next question needs answering:


how i feel about red dots:

CCP Muppet Hunter obvious needs to look into a mirror… Muppet indeed

Utter tripe - survived 15 years without it, and now all I get is bloody annoying off-putting dots everywhere, some of which don’t go away (e.g. redeem items neocom)

Forcing poorly implemented and unwanted crap in the UI is just plain bloody stupid and insulting… Utter failure of basic UX design process/protocol

Seriously triggers my OCD


Here, red thid once again please


The muppets have this to say about the red dots:

“What do you mean, a feature for New Players ?
It’s a feature for Aging Players !!”



Useful for new players for about 1 week and that is it. EDGE case use and that is it. All other it is actually detrimental. How? I have do more work to get rid of it.

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So true…