Red dot keeps appearing randomly

Hi, returning vet here.

This red dot keeps appearing on my inventory even when nothing changes. If I make a remote buy order or even complete an industry job remotely it shows up despite nothing in my inventory changing.

When I enter into combat it shows up regardless if I am shooting or not. Sometimes it even appears while I am completely still in space.( I think when someone uses my buy orders it appears regardless of where I am)

This is really driving me nuts. What do I have to do to get rid of this useless thing? I never asked for this and have been doing just fine since 2008 without it. Is there a setting or like a config file I can change to get rid of it?

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Welcome back!

You can read about the saga of the dot here:
The Red Dot thread

Sadly, it cannot yet be disabled. There are tons of players right there with you hoping it will get a toggle - especially since it is even more buggy now than at feature (hah!) launch.

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Yeah, it’s broken, and has always been broken.
It pops up every time I jump to a new clone, sometimes when I jump into a different ship, and sometimes for no apparent reason.

When I make things in industry, I have the items go to a station container and not the item inventory or the ship hangar, but the stupid dot pops up on the inventory/hangar, not the container.

Speaking of which, many blueprints STILL won’t ‘see’ the input materials in the container, so I have to transfer everything to the item inventory just to make them, then transfer back.

SO MANY things are and have been broken for so long…don’t even bother asking to get them fixed. They won’t do it until it actually bugs one of the employees that are high enough to affect change.

The red dot is a experiment to see how resilient eve players are to annoying things.


Get - rid - of - it - !!!

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