7+ red dot thing keeps popping up, even though I have picked up nothing new


So no matter what I do, i’ll just be in space flying and doing anything in fleets and this just continuously keeps popping up, if i open my inventory it goes away, but a few seconds later it will just keep popping up again.


Did you happen to have lag at the same time ? I have a similar issue, coincidental with lag, where swapping ammo, pulling drones leads to that red monster popping up. Opening the inventory doesn’t even show any “new” item anywhere in cargo hold, drone hold, frigate bay, etc, but I need to mouse over every object to make it go away. Come to think of it, it seems to happen when I’m in or have been in a fleet during the same session. And yes, without even picking up any object.

Happens too when I switch modes on my T3D in space.

When I’m in a fleet, and assign drones to someone else, pulling the drones back results in the red dot.

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