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Good evening. As I’m sure many are aware, a new feature was rolled out to inform players of a new item in an inventory. :red_circle:

Due to the influx of threads letting CCP and the forums at large how they feel about said development. I’ve created this feedback thread for just this one feature. All other threads on the issue will be closed and shunted into this one. Thank you.


This new “feature” does set off my OCD a little. I would like a way to disable it.


I too would like a way to disable it. Or at least implement it properly. The current implementation just seems half baked.

For instance, when I buy an item remotely, the first time I dock at the station, I have about a 50/50 chance of seeing a red dot informing me of the new items waiting for me in my hangar.
However, once I put them in my cargo and leave the station, I get a red dot EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Showing a red dot for new items waiting at a station actually makes sense to me. Showing red dots for those items in the inventory also helps me find those items faster if I have a bunch of other stuff there that I don’t care about.

What does not make sense is that this only works sporadically, while it works reliably on direction action (such as literally putting the item there). Notifications only make sense for things that you might otherwise miss.

Oh, and why does the counter stop at 7?


Look at you guys go! It only took you, what, more than a week?

So proud. <3


Sarcasm aside, it’s downright embarassing that:
a) it took this long to make this thread
b) there still hasn’t been a setting to disable it added, and
c) that a feature in this state actually made it into the game.

Sometimes it feels like we’re dealing with a bunch of Junior Developers releasing crap, not a studio that has existed for 16+ years.


This was not needed in Eve, its not a email system! Don’t really understand why you would have a RED DOT for a new item in your inventory!

Would it not be better to just change the colour of description of the object rather than inserting a RED DOT!

Can we have a Disable button in the settings, that way we can choose whether we want this!



If this gets turned off I foresee a bunch of people undocking with expensive items and them submitting nastily worded tickets to CCP that they didn’t tell the player they had a new expensive item inventory.


I hate it!


About time. At the moment I can’t tell if the new feature has any value at all because it is so bugged. CCP need to at least state what it is supposed to do so bug reports can be logged.

It is obvious that this feature is seriously annoying for a lot of players including myself, so it makes sense that CCP should add an option to turn it off completely. CCP need to notify us of a timeline to get this done.

The whole nonsense around this has been utterly mismanaged, CCP should train Communication Skills to V even if the skillbook is expensive.


This. I’m sure many of us would be much happier if there was simply more communication about what CCP is going to do about stuff like this. :+1:


It is now behaving differently and acting weird. It is doing a couple of different things on different chars I have on at the same time ffs!

Just get rid of it or give us the option to turn this nonsense off for crying out loud!


Apparently the loot table for that is broken.

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:red_circle: = :poop:


Thanks Dorrim. You do good work and I appreciate your impartial conduct.

FYI readers Dorrim mentioned this is being submitted to CCP within the week.

My red dot remarks:

  1. nothing else on the main interface is red. a glaring RED does not fit into the game design themes, nor does it suit the small purpose of informing players of inventory change. This makes it the highest profile, least important notification in a game where we have already become inundated with notifications as others have pointed out
  2. the red dot is an unintentional insult to even our most basic players’ intelligence. In 99% of cases inventory change is not a surprise. In fact Eve Online is predicated entirely on the exchange of items. Items go in, items come out. It’s like a notification that you’re breathing
  3. whatever they have done with the red dot has had unpredictable effects on inventory mgmt. i am laughing all the way to Jita bout this flub, but it’s been a real inconvenience even for me, someone who doesn’t care about anything, when I’m searching for stuff while it automatically moves around the hangar in real time
  4. notification creep. They should call this game notification online, because with default settings, on a clean install, we are already beating back notifications like nazi zombies. And we really don’t want to turn notifications off. Some are useful. It’s a way of modernizing an old game. Cool. But greater care should be taken. In my opinion this red dot is the most recent, finally visible symptom of the ongoing condition of notification creep. This, on top of a dozen tooltips flying in your eyes creates greater eye strain. It’s a headache after a while. looks into camera There’s got to be a better way!

An option to disable the entire notification, and cargo autoarrange, would be in everyone’s interest.


Is honestly how I thought that post was going to end, and then I was super confused because why is an ISD posting this?

The reality was a comparative anticlimax.


:red_circle: You have a new complaint about this ‘feature’
needs an option to be switched off


The red dot haunts my nightmares. It must be stopped at any cost.

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I did notice a welcome change that I am not notified when my savage drones return with items. There might be other changes that I have not noticed yet as I am flying while drunk(What could possibly go wrong?).

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TIL it is called “inventory badging”.

Please allow us to disable this.



Anyone working at CCP a few years back during the “Gong” show debacle, should have realized the reception this red dot would receive from the player base.

The fact the red dot was introduced into the game displays, yet again, how out of touch some members of CCP truly are with their paying customers.

Since this was implemented, without an option to disconnect it at the player’s discretion, I can only conclude it was a waste of developer’s time; and, has in turn developed into something of a public relations disaster, exacerbating the strained feeling between CCP and the player base due to the severity, and lack of communication on CCP’s part initially, of the DDOS’s attacks.

This “improvement” was poorly thought out, poorly designed, and poorly timed.

It has passed beyond complaint into into anger, rejection, jokes, and no doubt in EVE history will live on in jocular infamy, much like the “Gong”. Do not take this later state in a complimentary fashion, as it is a rebuke of this “design” decision.

If you cannot kill it, tell the player base why, and write and introduce code that will allow each individual character the option of disabling it.