New Item notification

i will make it short, just give us an option to disable it. Its annoying when i salvage stuff or loot wrecks and there is no reason to just give us an option to disable it.

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Its extremely annoying. A check box should be implemented to disable this item notification for the people who want it disabled.
Why is not there a button to disable it ? IMO its a really stupid feature

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Agreed, when software continually tells you something you already know, this is just lazy/bad design. I can see there might be a case for the “feature” if you are a 1 day old alpha but other than that give us the option to turn it off. And the auto-sort in inventory, it’s just not needed, leave it alone if it works.

It’s hard to imagine so much incompetence from a team that’s been working on the same thing for over a decade. This is either the pet project of a very dumb employee you can’t fire for X reasons; an intern’s fuckup; or some new programmers shipped straight from South Korea decided to play around with EvE’s code to show how it’s done (not). Or none of the above.

Take your pick. It’s not like they’ll ever tell us the true story anyway.

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I fully support the request for an option to disable this.

Exactly my problem. Everytime I fly a relic site, or even just pull probes back in from the launcher I get a red icon saying I have new items.
Well I know, I just manually pulled those probes back in!

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I’m sure it’s nice for beginners in the first like 20minutes. after that it becomes annoying and triggers my OCD.
Just give us a chance to disable it please.

This feature is causing a lot of issues for me. The badge, the blinking and the popup on the neocom bar are incredibly annoying and moving or stacking items anywhere causes extreme screen tearing and even freezing the game.
I’d like to have a way to disable this feature, at least get rid of parts of it, like:

  • removing the inventory icon from the neocom would help with the annoying part but I can’t seem to find an option for that
  • a way to stop applying this system to at least containers and hangars
  • … anything else I can do to have as little of this feature as possible.

Please give us an option to disable this.

There is strong reason to believe they’ve did this on purpose, to divert attention away from the mining changes. It gives people something else to be angry about. I know how this sounds, but it’s well within the realms of possibilities when it comes to CCP.


+1. its damn annoying thing. this “update” makes the game uncomfortable.

i understand (may be) why CCP adds this. but there are not only miners in EVE.

Give the opportunity to disable the red dots.

I’ve been playing since beta… and I don’t generally complain about changes or new features. Tho yeah, without trying to sound bitter… this is the most asinine “enhancement” I’ve seen in those 17 years.

I already know when new items are in my inventory… I don’t need a notification telling me that.

Speaking as a software engineer/developer… lets make sure the new features you are adding are actually adding value to the game and aren’t just fluff.


…You guys know it does it when you move existing items from a hangar you haven’t been too in while.

Found this old today when i was reloading a ship with ammo from a station i had stored stuff at months ago.

So its not just new salvaged or looted items.

And now they implemented the new UNUSED SP notification on the avatar image with a sound on login which you cant turn off either, what the fck are CCP thinking?!

PLEASE tell them to at least let us turn off this garbage

We understand the importance of NPE, and support efforts to make the UI a tad more understandable for rookies - a good tutorial video would go a long way, btw.

While the latest edition of The Pulse mentions that item sorting and pushing is being reverted there was no mention at all about red dots and accompanying sounds and tooltip popups, leading to believe that they are here to stay. In all fairness, the value of a system like this is exactly one item that needs to be located, and it is restricted in scope i.e., items bought at distance - which is even more confusing to rookies - are not covered by this new system.

  1. I would like to suggest to a willing CSM member to make the case to make this NPE element (dots+sounds+popups) completely optional for all players, preferably and if possible under the existing Notification system.
  2. I would also like that CSM member to request that future efforts involving changes to the UI for the sake of NPE are also optional for all players.

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maybe you didnt recognize

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You made it.
Items don’t get sorted anymore. Now I have to actively search the dots :scream:.
And hey you manatged to create a lot of more new bugs.
Windows don’t keep connected. This is VERY Annoying.

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Yes the removal of the annoying auto sorting is def much nicer as now we know that new items added tend to be at the bottom of our windows (if open) and we can arrange things in holds and hangers how we may need them for tasks again.

The “You have new items available” pop up message is annoying spam tho - us old school people that use a POS array still get that for … every … single … item … moved … from … array … to … cargo still.
Also the New Skill Points Available pop up is unnecessary.

I really don’t know why time was wasted on this secondary notification system at all - We have a Notification system already that is customisable and gives the pop up notification for New Skill Points as it is !!!

It would have been better time spent making use of existing ingame methods to help new players master the inventory system and know where things go using the new Pointer Window system and Aura as for other things introduced and fleshing things out there.
There could have been more explanation there on Remote Item buying/selling and buying just in the current station and Buy Item vs Buy This from the item’s Market listing also.
This new newbie help could then be timed so it only shows for certain ages toons and can be dismissed/suppressed and reset like other handy intro messages.

And seriously - Why can Red Dots only count to 7 ?!?!

If I was able to make it to Fanfest I’d be bringing a big annoying “YOU HAVE NEW ITEMS AVAILABLE” banner and “BLING” sound to share the new UI love us non newbie players have been smothered with :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy:


I haaaaaaate this feature. The ONLY time its useful e.v.e.r is when I have 600+ items in a station and a buy order places a new item in its inventory but even then it’s still of extremely limited use bcuz the buy order will tell me how much is left/I can just check for it

However these red dots have been creating more bugs/issues than they are worth. Items in station containers wont stack anymore and I cant sort the items AND idk if a lot of other negative happenings have been tied to them like station lag when docking or simply not letting me into the station at all which has n.e.v.e.r. happened before that update