New inventory "feedback" notifications

I’ve edited the initial post with help of a more understanding person who got up with me. My initial reaction was poor, and also was easy to misunderstand.

Okay so that aside, seriously, this inventory notification stuff is about as annoying as people bringing back autoplay music/video on websites, with max volume. It’s just not great.

So – UI design needs to have a purpose for those kinds of notifications. When we take an action ourselves, then there is absolutely no reason for the notification or the sound. If this was due to something else, like a market order expiring, or a delivery, that is when the notification is both useful, and should be implemented. (Except we already get a notification, so it would be redundant)

The visual notification itself is distracting, and completely covers a UI element. The red dots in the inventory are not useful, as if I ordered something or moved loot from a can to ship, then I did the action, so I don’t need a note that I did it. The ding… we [ding!] had that before [ding!] a long time ago, it [ding!] was [ding!] not received well, and [ding!] still isn’t. If you do a multi-buy? You[ding!] 're [ding!] in [ding!] [ding!] hell [ding!] for [ding!] a [ding!] while. [ding!]

I really wish that you guys would put these things on sisi, do some stuff that players do (or ask for feedback) before doing stuff like this. It’s bad enough you’d have gotten the feedback right away. As it sits we have to wait for however long it takes to have that as an option or to remove it entirely coded, and introduced to the game.


Are you implying threats of physical violence at the devs because you’re annoyed over a little UI sound?

Figure of speech that was misunderstood. apologies. Drunk posting privileges revoked.

Maybe don’t put threats at the end of your rant and you won’t get that response… It’s not trolling to call that kind of statement out as not ok.
I might also suggest actually making it much clearer what your suggestion is. Because I read your post and didn’t get it till I read the reply that it was about the sound.

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ACtually to me it was trolling. in my area its a figure of speech (minus the nutcrackers bit), Some places have a figure of speech about dropping babies from windows. Doesn’t mean that is what they do.
Anyhow, with help from a more reasonable person, edited the OP.

It’s right up there with the “DONG!” gong noise when killing ships or salvaging wrecks a few years back (that we still have the red X animation from but no more sound)…

… and the 22 month AWS cloud chat server experiment still ongoing.

In my top 3 most annoying EVE changes of all time.

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And I get a freakin notification dot and ding every time I log in… because my ships must be magically appearing every time…?
Really annoying. First we couldn’t log in for almost 2 weeks… then they make us deal with the ‘ding’ again, after we got them to remove it.
New hires should read the changelog for the game. Old hires should probably re-read it. grumble grumble.

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So there is no way to turn this annoying |censored| off?

BTW that fkn dinging is in WARNING SOUND… Jesus…

What’s just as annoying is they had to make a special background thread to make this work so now the loot process is slower.

What is Finger Guillotine? :wink:


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Need to turn this notification off, it’s making me nauseated after 10 seconds of salvaging.

What was the genius that decided this was a great feature to add, someone who doesn’t play the game?

Also the response from my support ticket telling me to look in the forums instead of telling me there’s no off option for this feature is craptastic

It definitely seems like something implemented by people who do not play the game,

It seems like a feature designed to help newbros find cargo that magically appears in their ship during tutorial missions or something.

If that was the reasoning behind it, it should either auto-off after 30 days of EVE life or once the newbro has completed the aura tutorial, the 5 career agent mission chains, and/or the SOE Epic Arc for the first time or something. For multi-year vets to have this… as if we don’t know when we loot things… is kinda ridiculous.

However, I wouldn’t even mind the red dots in the cargo so much if it weren’t for:

  1. the noise
  2. the annoying pop-up from the eve neocom on the left (by default) of our clients/screens
  3. I traded a couple dozen stacks of items from one toon to another the other day and 4 of the stacks ended up at the top of the recipient’s item hangar… the rest weren’t at the top (or the bottom as per old behavior), they were mixed in all throughout the middle. With no red dots. So I had to hunt around for all those stacks, it took wayyyy longer than either the old system or the new system if it consistently placed things at the top. Clearly it doesn’t.

I’m going to start using cans of various sizes to do all trading between my toons (or else they’re gonna have to swap crap in space via cans or via fleet hangars because this is ridiculous while docked up to have to deal with this).

Easiest fix in the world: Make this a toggle. On or off, the whole shebang. If CCP doesn’t want to give us the option to turn it off entirely, then give us a toggle for “top of inventory” / “bottom of inventory” / “auto-sorted into middle of inventory”. And make sure it works all the time, not randomly.

For the love of everything that is holy, please CCP, make this feature optional.

Imagine a scenario where your salvage drones, before dropping their loot into your hangar, come running to you for approval first… for every… single… item. That is what this system does. Each of my salvage drones will ‘helpfully’ let me know that it salvaged something.

TLDR: This feature might be useful for new player but please, for the love of New Eden, make it an optional feature that can be disabled.

Turning down the “UI Sounds” disables this sound, but also a lot of other sounds so it is not really a solution in my eyes. The optical notification, as far as I am aware, cannot be disabled. At least it does not seem to be tied to the “Notification” setting in the options.

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I hate this more than the very poorly designed WH effect icons above the HUD!

That’s a good laugh, ty! :slight_smile:

I haven’t been in a WH with an effect since that was added, but I saw one of them (maybe red giant?) in a youtube video.

I dunno. I dig the sansha incursion effect icon above the HUD, at least. haven’t seen trig invasion one yet, either.

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