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Changes to the qualification rules for Sansha Incursion rewards have been made. In order to qualify for the rewards, pilots must be present at the site upon completion and also have a meaningful contribution to the completion of the site.

What is a meaningful contribution to the completion for logis?

Also nice to see that CCP finally continues the tiericide. It really makes you wonder why it took so long when its now being done in a matter of weeks.
Also nice that you link the feedback topics in the patch notes.

With regards too the Amulet and Nirvana implants: I take it that relic site loot tables have not been altered yet and, although Sansha are now officially a shield faction, they still drop Intact Armor plates?

All variations of Crokite in all levels replaced with the equivalent yield variation of Kernite.

That is interesting. Does that mean Crokite now only appears in normal asteroid belts and in wandering Crokite ore anomalies? Very interesting.

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New player here (although I’ve put money into the game and so can do quite allot) and as a pure wormhole player, I’d like to see more C1’s/C2’s. This would give newer players more to do (e.g. ratting) and would allow for more solo PvP opportunities. Other than this, I am loving the game so far.


Why only add wandering to NS ? wandering to LS give more content :slight_smile:

Only add some wandering don’t give that much pvp opportunities so just add new static on each WH ? having C5-C6 having another static to wh and another to NS or LS give lot more opportunitie to pvp :confused:

Wandering can be collaps so that’s will no really change the number of opportunities for pvp :confused:

" * Corporation bulletins can now be rearranged"

\o/ More corporation admin love!

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So with the removal of Crokite from Null Sec Anoms, and replacing it with Kernite, on top of ALL the reductions from the last few patches, IS CCP trying to kill the Industrial side of Null Sec life? as an industrial player all I see is a push for more PVP and Fck PVE-Industrialists. We took the nerfing to the Rorq like masochists champs, then you hit our ore, and again! Just come out and say it., we dont want the PVE anymore and are leading the game to a pure PVP game.


well you still have moon maybe they want see player only mine these thing xD

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we already do mine them heavily after the last ore nerfing.,


" All subsequent point releases will be added and marked in bold as they become available. The updates will also be tracked in the official forum thread."

It’s nice to see this - though I still think a detailed RSS feed with all point releases would be great

OK how do I turn OFF the breadcrumbs? 'cos thats seriously annoying after 5 mins.


Okay, this already gets on my nerves: Every time I add something to the cargohold, I hear a weeping sound. This is the same useless sound as the Gong fiasco from 2 years ago. The sound adds nothing informative to the game, it only causes more noise and it is distracting. Every time I hear that weeping sound, I expect the event to do something as it uses a similar sound effect for the completion of an event step. This sound needs to go away!

Not only that, putting something in your cargo with the “Loot all” button plays 2 sounds effects now. Yay. Noise! Everyone loves noise when they listen for important notifications.

You know, a more competent and useful implementation of this feature would be if it only sounded the weeping willow sound in combination with fleethangars and other shared hangars. So that people who pilot a ship with such hangar, know that someone has taken or placed something from or in that hangar of their ship. Just a suggestion. Please be more competent with your development and don’t just throw something out that us just useless.


How can I turn off the “Stupid red dot, new inventory item, new stupid thing for stupid people”? It’s already totally annoying after playing for 2 mins. FFS.

Also I can’t stack items in containers !?!

EDIT: Never thought I’d wish I was colour blind and deaf :frowning:


Yep stacking not working in containers :S


That dumb soundeffect noise aside, I kind of like the automatic sorting of items in the hangar. No need to press Stack All anymore to sort the hangar. That can be nice. If only you’d automatically stack recalled probes now, then it would be close to perfection. Because, as it is, the 8 probes rip a huge hole in my cargo every time I recall them and then it just wastes space.

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Ok so time to start getting rid of all my extra Toons, No need for them now anymore with the new anom changes. The new anom changes are totally uncalled for and you are killing the game industry and mining. Always nerfing the cap players in some way. So just killed off rorq mining. Lots off toons gonna be cancelled cause of this nerf


Well done CCP, you just killed the game for alot of ppl

  • so ships can now build from moon mins or what @ccp? GG
  • the inventar is jumping like an small kid on speed… GG
  • u still play ur game self or what???
  • but thx now i safe money and can kill some account… GG
  • btw fix first ur stupid chat system bevor kill game for the olds and make it more casual fore some new players.
  • did eve brings no money so u try to shut it down?

I have to agree, it seems those content on being PVE industrialists are no longer welcome within the Eve community, had enough things nerfed over the years in favour of PVP, if CCP dont like us PVEr’s then they should write it out of the game all together and we can spend our money elsewhere, I have already shut down 3 accounts this month because of CCP nerfs on NPC drops, I have no objection in shutting down another 3 if it continues.


If CCP want to restrict resources I’m sort of ok with that if it affects everyone across the board. But these changes don’t make sense to me, why nerf belts/anoms and not moon mining? Should be the other way around IMHO. Best way in my view would be to make all ore anoms into sigs so you have to scan & scout.


Instead of fixing the Rorqual mining imbalance, CCP just removes minerals to conceal the effects of Rorquals on mineral markets and ship prices. Rorquals ought to be culled. That alone will fix things instead of just introducing one patchwork after the next.