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So still no fix for “safer” autopilot routes taking you through systems which have a lower sec status due do trigs?


A new hashtag is born.


So a number of these changes reference “inventory badges” - are these referring to red dots?
:red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle:


The patch notes are wrong.
The listed volumes for the cores have been updated, and are correct ingame.


  • Adding the ability to limit how man players can join a fleet through a fleet add. should this not be ad


Nerfed some NPC Arbitrators so that they are no longer able to hit at any range.

What? So Amarr Edencom ships were nerfed more but CCP leave triglavian NPC alone again, who can shoot you from any distance and spool up their damage even from 10k km away. This is particularly nice as NPC fleets don’t warp onto each other but approach each other which means the trigs arrive in range of Edencom fleets with fully spooled up weapons. Wonderful!

Fixed an issue where the Show on Map option would not work when using the Old Map.

Interesting. I don’t dare to say it but CCP apparently is still capable of seeing reason. I am positively impressed.

Fixed an issue with incursions not showing on the Old Map.

Does this mean the Incursion filter was fixed? It freezes your game and makes the map unusable and it’s quite the pain to turn it off again. And was the Reactions filter introduced in the Industry filter section of the old map? :slight_smile:

Fixed an issue where the ‘No’ button in the Quit Game window is sometimes automatically selected instead of the ‘Yes’ button.

Nice! That’s very good!

Adding the ability for the Fleet Commander to set squad/wing as default, this would automatically add new fleet members to that squad/wing by default.

That is a very good change, too, to improve fleet handling for all responsible parties. Does that mean a new fleet member goes into this specified squad regardless where I drag it into the fleet window?


Misss Behave 2020? :wink:

Also, whats the general purpose or goal of all these shield boost amp changes?

Good catch; missed out updating the patch notes after the change, updating them now.


you guys are springing up all over the place… do you have some sort of accelerated Fedo crossbreeding programme going on or what? :smiley:

@CCP_Convict @CCP_TrashMob

XL Quantum Cores:

  • Keepstar Upwell Quantum Core Attributes: 250.000m3
  • Sotiyo Upwell Quantum Core Attributes: 250.000m3

ingame they ar 95.000m³ not 250.000m³


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  • Fixed issue that caused the tutorial to miss behave if leaving the starter system by other means than a stargate.



I’m disappointed with Quantum Core cost structure. Since the added ISK bonus for destroying a structure did not exist before, ANY value would be… added value. Game designers do not seem interested in finding out what minimum added value would produce the desired increase in conflict, choosing values for medium structures that are a very high percentage of unfit structure cost. It is quite possible that sufficient additional conflict would have been created with cores of half the chosen values, but we will never know.

Required Core value could have been increased over time by originally making them in value increments of 100m / 1b / 10b. Then simply increase the number of cores required in a structure, to raise the dropped value.


Already fixed

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Fixed an issue where the Show on Map option would not work when using the Old Map.
Fixed an issue with incursions not showing on the Old Map.

Very nice fix for the map.

Pith A-Type Shield Boost Amplifier: Shield Boost Bonus 43.0 (43.125)
Gist X-Type Shield Boost Amplifier: CPU 58 (72), Shield Boost Bonus 43.0 (43.125)
Pith X-Type Shield Boost Amplifier: Shield Boost Bonus 44.75 (45.0)

Soo, all other Shield Boost Amps get a little buff but these 3 get nerfed?

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Still no option to turn off the goddamn red dots
Another patch day wasted


:red_circle: – Still can’t turn these off

Also still can’t remove the super annoying, flashing redeem button from the neocom. Might as well mention that we can’t remove the login campaign button from the neocom either.


During update my antivirus is reporting numerous malware on cache files. Cleaning cache and downloading from scratch does not help.

Yes, these are the red dots. Pleased to see this bug fixes go in.

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Patience, Grasshopper.

These bug fixes are a good first step. We will get to the promised land.


Either value means they don’t fit in a DST. What a dissapointment.