Version 18.09 - General Feedback

This is a common occurrence - anti-malware and anti-virus software frequently produces false-positive flags on video game patches.

Submit a support ticket with the details of the tool you use, your OS, and the exact message received, and CCP can log that information for reporting the false positive to the tool.

I disagree.
We have BEGGED CCP for a removal option eversince this eye cancer was brought into existence - it takes them months and months to even start polishing the lesser bugs, it should take no more then 5 lines of code to give us an option to turn them off.

Just makes CCP look like don’t care at all.

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But they fit in a cargo rigged Orca, so it’s still possible to get them in.

Like I said, patience. Just because they don’t jump and do what we demand immediately doesn’t mean it’s not going to ever happen.

what reason is there that it needs that high volume? just make it 60.000m³ … done … thats ok … why a frighter, JF or riged orca? where is the reason?

same for the blueprintbox in the loot of a FOB? 400.000m³? wtf? i never had the problem someone stole it … is this a thing at the blood raiders sotiyo?

this are things i dont get in the end … it makes not to miuch sense …

so why is the core so big? just make it 1000 cores with 500m³ …


Cast your mind back to when CCP added a ‘gong’ sound every time a. target was killed. How long was the turn around for that to be removed from the game?

I worry that they do not care, though almost all the content of the past 12 or so months tips this into the territory of confirming they do not care.


Its been almost 4 years of citadels. World Wars were fought and done in almost the same time, is it really that damn hard to for CCP to partially melt a telescope, stick some neon’s on it, turn it into a 3D model and call it an Observatory? Hell, one the new storms already do the anti-cloaking effect, so its not like the code isn’t already in there.

Maybe its a cynical perspective, sometimes it would be preferred if CCP just outright said “Naw, we just don’t care” so at least there was some level of honesty in the relationship.

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My understanding is they want to make them harder to move around for the biggest, most expensive items, which should provide some content and make them risky to transport.

I like the gong.

That wouldn’t be honest, though. Like I said, I know folks want instant gratification, but this is just an annoying thing. I am confident it will get fixed.

Put them into the “avoid list”

Ok, you have me there. Feels like that’s just being intentionally difficult and forcing a ship to be bought with a fit for just that one purpose. When iHub modules got a size reduction as part of fozziesov, it at least went from needing a freighter for some of the level 5’s to get installed to needing nothing being bigger than a DTS with level 4 transport skill.hacking rigs.

Yeah, though I don’t undock so don;t really need to. The point is though that new players who pick “safer” won’t necessarily know how to do that. It just seems reasonable for the route it picks to adhere to the settings selected.

In the same way I’d expect “prefer less secure” to prefer invaded systems with a lowered sec status too.

The gong was removed within a few days, come to think of it, I don’t believe it lasted more than 48 hours.

Folks who want instant gratification? You mean filaments, instanced abyssal PvP and structure abandonment?

I miss the days before EVE was pandering to the short attention spans of the COD crowd.


Oh, I thought you meant the notification ping sound when you get a kill mail. I must have forgotten the gong thing.

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It was like the sound form one of those old grandfather clocks, not the musical chime sound, the ‘dong/bong’ sound like when a clock strikes 12.


Please refrain from portraying CCP as saviors with fixes to a hideously designed and wholly unnecessary feature.


Am I the only one who’s first though here was the agency window?

:red_circle: I don’t get that question but if it was, this topic would have cut off posts now because it has more than 32 posts already. :joy:

I hope you thank me if/when we get the red dot toggle I’ve been asking for.

:red_circle: Why would I thank you for that? It’s something that should have been there to begin with. Thanking you for CCP maybe “fix” one of their errors is absolutely inappropriate. They should thank us that we stick around despite their garbage.


LOL, that’s what I expected.