February 2020 Release - Feedback and Known Issues (Mac)


Please use this thread for general feedback and discussing known issues with the Mac client.

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FIFY - I’ve spent too long in IT to know “if” isn’t a valid option…

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CCP really needs to up its game here. Multiple bugs have been identified in the February release and the day after not one is listed here in spite of being recognized in the replies in this post. Perhaps, rather than having interns design new features (looking directly at the new inventory badging garbage), having them help keep track of bugs (rather than creating them) might be a better use of their, your, and our time.

If you’d like, I’ll survey the release responses and provide a list for you. It can be official in as much as I’ll only post acknowledged bugs. I have more skin in the game than the group who implemented the inventory badging CF apparently has.

Hey guys, character sheet and notification feed are reminding me of unspent skill points at the same time, Possibly a bug due to new UI friendly interface. For the record, i had to google how to play eve.
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my only issue is that I can’t log on to the game. the launcher when I click to log on comes up with a blank window with nothing on it. so I can’t enter my account name and password. This has been going on for months now.

I had the same problem after I checked “Enable Hardware Rendering” in the launcher settings. I fixed it by completely uninstalling EVE and removing the folders in ~/Library/Application Support/CPP and /EVE Online. Note that you will lose all settings in EVE when doing this. And then be sure not to check Enable Hardware Rendering again or you will have the same problem.

You can navigate to the folder that keeps your settings and store them else where to put back once you redo it all.

Not at home: so can’t list the file tree.

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Since a week the game was running better, my CPU was around 62*C, but till today is going back to hit at 72°C… I don’t know if that from my computer or the wine-preloader 64… Please some help for that…

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