July release - Feedback and issues (Mac)

We are excited to announce the deployment of the EVE Online July release on July 11.

Please use this thread for general feedback and to report issues on the Mac.

Quick info

Project Discovery - Exoplanets
Rebalance of Tech-3 cruisers
Patch notes
EVE Updates

This release brings phase two of Project Discovery, where pilots in New Eden will assist in real world science by searching for Exoplanets in conjunction with the University of Reykjavik, the University of Geneva and Massively Multiplayer Online Science. Additionally, we see a fundamental revamp of all tech-3 strategic cruisers.

The July release also brings new “Firewall Breach” SKINs in celebration of the Minmatar Republic’s Liberation Day, SKINs for Strategic Cruisers, further graphical enhancements with an overhaul of the visual assets for NPC battlestations, as well as a redesign of the Rupture, Muninn and Broadsword, plus many more fixes and improvements that make New Eden a better place.

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The log in time has increased a lot. It is taking me about 3-4 minutes to get from the Launcher to getting into my station. Really slow.

iMac (27-inch, Late 2013), 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5, 24 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB

I am experiencing the same log in time increase, and I have to say everything is taking much longer than usual. This seems to have started in the last couple of days so I suspect the latest release maybe the issue.

I have cleared cache, set the Wine version to ccp-master-72 (as recommended in other mac posts), reset wireless routers, reset the modem through my ISP, parsed and cleared any extra files… Everything except delete my EVE client and download a new one.

I am running 3 clients on a 2016 MacBook Pro 8GB, and 2 clients on a MacBook Pro 4GB (which runs faster, ironically).

Anyone else having trouble? CCP, anything we can do about this?

Thank you,


I don’t recall any log time issues - undocking can still be a pain.

My main issue is the explosion sounds are off.

Undocking time is AT LEAST 6-8 seconds. I could go take a pee and come back and hope I am undocked.

I have raised undocking time twice before.

No one cared.

Verifying your shared cache may shorten the undock and docking time again, can in some cases also reduce the lag some players have started experiencing.

Thank you @GM_Mechanic I tried this, and it took a long time and made my machine crawl.
I think it deleted 83 redundant files.

I cant honestly say it made any difference.

Undock - 10 seconds till control / view.
Undock - 3 seconds till control / view.

This very significant change does suggest that a change in the order of loading could seriously improve time from undock to control.

Please take a look.

Hi there.

I like to give a more general feedback and would be pleased to read a developer feedback. Specific problems are already reported in several bur reports.

My character is now 2 years old, generated and played from one and the same computer: Mac-mini (2014), i7 2,3GHz, 8GB RAM, standard graphic (1920x1080) one monitor. Not a single hardware part changed over time. I always play with one single account at the same time.

When I started I could use ‘good’ graphic settings, such as high details, medium shadow, some post processing, all effects active etc. The program ran smoothly, very rare random crashes, nice explosions, nice ships - everything fine.

Since about June/July 2017 I have to switch all effects off (I do not see explosions any more), and set all graphics options to the lowest possible. Nevertheless, the game has severe lag (in some situations below 10fps) and my CPU runs hot after roughly 20-30 minutes.

The last 2 years game progress for me summarises in: graphics quality reduced, no explosions, no laser trails, no visible scram effect, stuttering movements (some times) and permanently running CPU cooling fan.

As the reply to my last bug report reads (analogous): ‘you need to scale down the screen resolution’ my hopes are meanwhile very low.
To your information: I tried everything else I read at helpsides, forums and bug replies, cleared cache, downloaded everything, optimized files, used different vine versions, changed all and every in-game graphic setting and deleted and re-installed the whole game.

I don’t know if other Mac user do experience something similar. But I’m curious about the future - are the developers aware that, over time, the visual quality is going down (not up) for users not upgrading their hardware?

I am using an older Mac-mini than you, a “Late 2012” model, with 16G of ram. The build in graphics card is “Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB”.

So far I can set everything to max allowed in the control except “Post Processing”.


Anti-Aliasing “Medium” is the max allowed. “High” is not available.

I set “Post Processing” to “low” because “High” actually make the graphics worse. At “High” there will be very fine grain of artifacts (very fine/tiny snow pixel) all over the place. It will be very obvious if you turn down brightness. I think that is the limitation of the graphics hardware.

Thx Javfar_Lafisques.
The biggest difference I see is RAM, you have 16, me 8 GB.
Can it be …?

The pity is less the missing ship explosions, but I can’t see if the other ships hardeners/reps/boosters still running or if another ship receives remote reps, etc.

Hmm, the RAM. There is another post in this forum (I lost the link, sry) claiming very high RAM occupation to be the major problem with Wine. OK, I consider updating to 16 GB.

I doubt if 8G/16G make a difference because currently EVE is still 32bit and only able to access 4G or 3G(OS is taking up the lower 1G memory space).

Unless you have a lot of other programs running along EVE, like a browser with 20 tabs, which can eat a lot of ram and squeeze WINE.

I saw in another thread that audio may also be a factor. Following is my audio settings: