August release - Mac related feedback and issue reporting


(CCP Phantom) #1

We are excited to announce the deployment of the EVE Online August release on August 16.

Please use this thread for Mac specific feedback and issue reporting

Quick info

“Lucky Clash” from 16 - 23 August
UI/UX improvements
Improvements to Structures
High-level info: EVE Updates

Details: Patch notes

Additional info

This release brings “Lucky Clash”, a new week-long event from The Agency. We also see changes to combat mechanics for structures and corp insurance in Upwell structures. UI/UX improvements for the new map and a full overhaul of the NPC standing display are also part of this release.

In addition to this, we see several small and useful improvements (such as persistent scanning results for cosmic signatures) as well as bug fixes.

Additional information threads

General release feedback (PC)
Release issue reporting (PC)

August release - Issues reporting
August release - General feedback
(Tilda Evingod) #2

Summary: The CPU heat issue is not solved, several minor graphical errors new or re-launched with August release.

+major+) Starting in June, partly addressed in July and now unchanged in August the Mac CPU runs hot with one single client and all graphic settings at lowest possible. It is i7 2.6 GHz 8GB Ram 1902x1080 screen. In usual gameplay the CPU becomes hot after roughly 10-15 minutes or after 30-45 seconds during the hacking minigame. For safety reasons I have to stop after about 30-40 minutes, sometimes 1 hour. This limits the fun significantly.

+major+) An older graphics issue with the overview came back in August: The list does not update during ship warp, greyd-out entries remain in the list, new entries are added, the list becomes rapidly crowded. Hard to keep up, especially when in busy systems. The list resets after session change only.

-minor-) Probe scan window: At every undock it is brought to front and all anomalies are visible (checkbox checked) although the box was not checked and the d-scan window (both as tabs in the same frame) was
in front at docking.

-minor-) First undock after game start is roughly 15-20 seconds black screen. It was roughly 10 seconds before August release.

-minor-) Before August: Industry window needed about 45 seconds (in station) until it displayed anything, switching between indy tabs was immediate. After August: First show is after roughly 20 seconds, but any tab switch (e.g. from ‘jobs’ to ‘blueprints’) needs again 20 seconds - each time.

-minor-) The blueprints ‘cap booster 400’ and ‘cap booster 800’ have black icons when looked remotely but show their usual icon when docked in the same station. From time to time other blueprints have the same issue, but not reproducible. Strange.

-minor-) Promised but not realised: Fully scanned signatures are ‘undiscovered’ again after docking and undocking.

So far my list.

(Mallico Snowrasis) #3

As of today I notice the wineserver on mac os x , is heavily writing to the disk . each launch will write some 50Gb to disk , resulting on a very long lading time and heavy lag on the system until the game is finaly launched , then every thing is back to normal .

I am running the game on a late 2013 Mac pro system , base model with 16gb ram .

other then this looking at my “Activity monitor” app. I am noticing that the entire game is build in 32Bit .

I do hope CCP dev do realized that oX hight Sierra will be the last version that will support 32bit app with out compromise (http#www#idownloadblog#com/2017/06/29/64-bit-requirement-for-mac-apps/) .

I would not be surprised that next year the next version up os 10.14 will not support 32bit apps at all . so in short you have 1 year to finally embrace 64bit app . I strongly suggest moving to 64bit , many other game )vendor did , and the game runs just better since they have . I am a ) developer also and personally I do not see the point of holding on 32bit build as every cpu are 64bits . even smart phones are now 64bits . not much any good reason really .

(Dybbuch) #4

crosspost from What's going on with Wine?

Unplayable currently with no sound on any client and regular Wine crashes

Emergent heat and load issue on graphics card

(Quetz Alkoatl) #5

It is almost 4 years since I started playing and the crashes never went away. 95% of times client crashes is when I am starting to warp, others after undocking with few random ones.

(Dybbuch) #6

@CCP_Phantom @CCP_Snorlax radio silence on Mac/Wine Issues … any chance of an answer / acknowledgement ?