September release - Feedback and issue reporting (Mac)


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We are excited to announce the deployment of the EVE Online September release.

Please use this thread for general feedback and to report issues on the Mac.

Quick info

New skills in preparation for moon mining overhaul
New firing effects
Market ticker
Patch notes with details
EVE Updates with high level info

Information threads

General discussion and feedback (PC)
Known issues and issue reporting (PC)

Additional info

This release brings a host of visual overhauls including improved firing effects and debris texture renovation. We also see new skills in preparation for the moon mining changes coming with EVE Online: Lifeblood on October 24th so that pilots can prepare for new moon mining and reactions mechanics. A new, optional market ticker is available, as well as several improvements to the new player experience, including new audio samples and updates to text and visuals.

In addition to this, we see several small and useful improvements as well as bug fixes.

September release - General feedback
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Just wondering if anyone else has been getting weird CPU behavior recently. Not sure if it is EVE related or what.

My client(s) which list themselves as a collective whole in my monitoring tool has been seeing it go from like 100% to near 200%. The menu bar icons are going from nearly nothing for 3 of 4 cores to all four showing a lot of work.

This is making playing the game questionable for me as I see the game stutter when different events happen and I would rather not lose my stuff.

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