Give us red dots on forums too!

Can we have little red dots on unread posts, like we have on newly acquired items ingame? And a sound whenever posts a new reply? I think it would be hella cool!


You are a genuss.

CCP, hire this man!

Lololololol :slight_smile:

:red_circle: here we are. This post is unreaded.

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Keep the DOTS!!! They are helpful to find what you just put in a container when you have Billions worth of junk. I may be putting something of value i just looted, like an implant or faction mod. Making it optional might help the miscontents and unadaptable ones.

Hi ! Sorry for my very bad english ! For give juste a little new …point of view :

  • XXXX Wednesday at 11:36


Could you remove this ■■■■■■■ red points which exists now when the cargo is modified ?
Thats makes me CRAZY and disturb (and the word is too much little for say that) me when im playing !

Have pity ! Have mercy !

Fly without red points !

GM TELARUSCH Thursday at 08:45

Hello Lydia Kruger, this is GM Telarusch.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no option to deactivate this function.

I understand your concerns I would encourage you to consider posting your thoughts on the EVE Online forums.

I also recommend that you consider highlighting your concerns to the CSM. They ensure that the voices of the EVE community are heard and you can either post on the CSM section of the forum or contact them directly.

If you have any further concerns or if there is anything you’d like to add then please let me know.

Best Regards,
GM Telarusch
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online

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