@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode can we just get a megathread for people crying about the red dot? The spam is getting pretty annoying.


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Personally I like the red dots, and find them very useful - although their could be a bit more refinement as to when they do or don’t appear.

Actually they do. :wink:

Any proofs ? Or just rumor again

I cannot go outing people’s characters, but yes, they play.

One day CCP will learn giving people options is a good thing. Having a checkbox to disable this red dot menace for people who are not new to the game is not that complicated.

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It’s not a ‘menace’, just a very minor annoyance - why are some forum people so inclined to exaggeration ?

I actually enjoy them a lot.
The feature is nice, it reminds me that I eg have reprocessed minerals to move.
Sure it’s … well bothering ? not really sure, when you just moved items in your ship and then you have new red dots on undock. The solution is : don’t undock

(joke, the solution is to ctr A in space).

It’s annoying because if the red dots have meaning, they need to only appear in limited cases otherwise you get used to them and it’s just decoration.

To be honest, they are much less annoying than the people who use red circles image in the forum, and do that for the sole goal to be assholes, admit it, and the ISD don’t remove those posts. THAT IMO is something that should not happen.

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