I just logged into my toon and found 12 red dots all over my game get them outta here asap its enough to make me mad and unsub again CCP. Do I need this nope so get rid of it. Think about making the game better again before adding things I don’t need(e.g. unbalance the bad ideas I have seen come to the game starting with the ore ships and maybe the subcaps). I feel like you guys have wasted more time in the last 10 years finding new ways to make us members feel like there is no value to having us on here. We can all scream till we are blue in the face and nothing happens or like maybe if we are lucky a 10% is put into our ideas and all the bat ■■■■ crazy BS ideas the office peeps have around there go right into our daily gameplay. Why not piss everyone off with red dot notifications on every little micro thing they do it will help right NOT…


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