Dear CCP,

I’m just a messenger. I dare speaking on behalf of all of those who agree with me.
The message is pretty clear and simple.

It goes as follows:

Do you see that red dot in the title, CCP?
That red dot quotes @Nicolai_Serkanner.

In case you’re not aware of what that means,
he will either hopefully help you figuring it out,
or alternatively you just need to be using the search function.

You’re welcome. Very, very welcome.
It was, without a doubt, my pleasure delivering this message.

For everyone else: Please discuss the red dot.

Thanks and have an awful day.


I demand it be pink with purple blotches.

On a serious note: ■■■■ that thing. And the annoying pinging sound needs to go with it.


I find it puzzling that the playerbase has all sorts of suggestions about how to improve the game, but CCP cannot seem to find any of them, even the easy stuff.

It is cute that CCP tried to improve their game and make it better. They clearly put in some effort to make the red dots. The CSM members must get to see some really strange stuff - imagine the ideas that CCP rejects!



I don’t get what’s do bad about the red dot.


I mean its just a dot



Lol, that’s just effin scary.

It’s quite common when software is designed by committee that to get dev resource sometimes you have to agree to a change that is a pet of one of them. A developer will then design it soooo badly that the userbase demands it’s removal.

Been a while since I’ve been involved in that kind of nonsense but your comment gave me a flashback. It’s ok I’ll have a lie down, all better soon.


While it is bad, its not the Gong!!!



The gong is now a weeping sound when you add something to the cargohold. :rage:*

*this rage smiley is a red dot.

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Do you love Nicolai like me too? :slight_smile:

…in before he coming and say something like that…



My guess is CCP are preforming some attempt at support ticket issue aggregation to try and reduce the number of tickets/questions being generated by (new?) players, and that is how they’re coming up with these ‘ideas’… then not bothering to test the actual implementation in any way shape or form :confused: Much disappoint!

But that’s just a guess.


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Yep, if you spend any time in Rookie Help it is a common question … “I bought somethin’ but I can’t find it …?” . My guess is it is aimed at new players but they brought it into production half-arsed. I’d be fine with it if you could right-click the neocom icon and turn it off along with the sound.

/* Dons tinfoil hat

I found it an interesting coincidence that this clusterflip was released at the same time belt/anom mining was nerfed & they release a blog post announcing moon mining (temporary) nerf. So wearing my anti-conspiracy headgear I’m wondering if the half-arsed red dot was an attempt at deflection so that the howls & gnashing of teeth over mining is buried under discussion of some UI fuqup that is easy to resolve.

But then again, are CCP that competent to try something like that? :slight_smile:

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i can see it being useful for new players, there needs to be an ability to opt-out though.

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Thank you for bringing this to the attention off CCP. Because of a short vacation I am unable to login to the game and therefore haven’t yet experienced the red dot myself. However, I do trust your opinion on matters this important, so …

CCP, you’re a bunch of idiots implementing, yet again, a not asked for, not wanted utterly retarded “improvement” to the game. When the ■■■■ do you ■■■■■■■ learn?


I made a new post you can now include in the picture. No thanks needed.


As a developer I can explain it.

Every developer has things they would like to do to the program. Even boring business software like I work on.

REAL development managers know this and have a change control process of some sort to weed out the pointless and stupid ideas.

The red dot is a management failure.

CCP Managers: You suck at your job.

PS Just don’t press “Loot All” in a TIDI situation :crazy_face:


Man, enjoy your vacation and thanks for leaving a message! Very appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Red is baaad!
Yellow is GOOD!

Yellow, huh? Without implying anything, I’d say it is a fitting color for our South Korean masters. Unfortunately, they do seem to like dots made of red and blue. And you know what color you get from adding blue to red? Violet.

I propose Violet dots to appease the Korean Gods.

Yellow …
… you ignorant dungeon dweller … :angry:
… is the colour of the sun …
… as seen from an earth-like planet …
… with athmosphere that filters out most non-blue colours …
… from the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum.


VIOLET on the other hand is BAD!
Especially UltraViolet, the baddest violet!
When you demand violet, you demand cancer!
Cancer is bad, therefore your request is rejected!

You two.
■■■■ off out of my thread.