I guess this forum is policed by the CCP fan police

I decided to take CCP to task for the dumb red dot that now appears every single solitary time you do any little thing to any of your cargo areas.

Ships cargo hold? Red dot. The dinging bell.

Station hanger? The red dot and ding.

I asked if they felt that gamers have now gotten so lazy or perhaps just simply obtuse, that this was a good idea.

Well I still do not think its a good idea. Its about as bad as the gong they were going to incorporate whenever you got a kill. Gong gong gong gong gong. Ding ding ding ding ding.

That’s. Simple.

But a moderator goes and locks the thread. I never said an individual was dumb, I simply thought it a dumb idea.

Now I am sure that plenty of people will give me flack for it. Go ahead.

I think it is an aggravating mechanic that they introduced.

The moderator decided that it was “offensive”.

Its Eve. Maybe grow a thicker skin.

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They keep closing these threads because they say there’s already a thread for this issue. But there is no single thread for just the red dot issue which everyone agrees is separate and more important…which is why it spills out of the general feedback thread.

There should be a single red dot thread

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:red_circle: spot on

Yeah they closed mine as well. I know they probably think that those threads are out of place and really annoying, but so are the red dots, so it’s only fitting this threads keep showing up.




Your previous thread got closed for redundancy. We don’t need 50 threads on the same thing. That said, I do listen, and so I’ve created a thread just for this one feature, which will be sent to Community Team within the week. You can find it here. Thank you.

Also thread closed for redundancy.