An open letter to CCP

Dear CCP.

Thank you. That is all.

User Interface:

  • Added a toggle to general settings in-game allowing UI Inventory Badging (Red Dot) to be enabled or disabled.

Yes this, I got a 1.5 million sp and expert accelerator package this weekend, love P2W.

Did the meaning of P2W change?

I always thought it was considered to mean that you can buy the proverbial golden bullets or items that give an advantage over others in game. Where said items cannot be obtained by any other means.

EDIT: back on Topic… Yes… Red Dot No More…


I am not sure why you’d thank CCP for introducing something that should have been there from the start (after all, CCP claims that they have tons of data and base their development on past experiences and feedback (and players have given CCP tons of feedback about features that newbs might need but vets want to turn off)) and that took CCP months and months to finally introduce.

It’s comical that people see the need to thank someone for fixing that someone’s own screw-ups. That only reinforces the notion in this someone that they can keep screwing up, maybe fix things later and then receive lots of praise for the fix. :slight_smile:

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in theory the RD was a good thing, but it took how long of us asking for it to be either removed or be toggled on/off??

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More than a year.

And you are right, it could have been a very interesting feature to mark containers that have content or as indicator on modules in your hangars that have damage.

I applaud your ability to be negative even after such a nice update. How do you do it?


If it took them one year, he had time to practice.

But one year is fairly short if you compare it to time it will take them to redesign Imicus.

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Don’t you dare take away my precious! :scream:

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Careful what you wish for, they might make it even worse and people will be in tears just to get the current one back. :stuck_out_tongue:


Rip in peace :red_circle:, old friend. :frowning:

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Want to be my sugar daddy?

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That’s easy:

  • I have had to wait 1 year and 1 month to get this fixed. It is their failure, not mine.
  • I wasted hours writing constructive criticism towards CCP to remove it, to improve it or to change its use to better purposes, all of which was ignored for 1 year and 1 month.
  • I wasted time trying to figure out why the game showed me red dots.
  • I waste hours putting red dots in my posts to highlight the issue to a wider audience.
  • Thanking them to fix their mess is like expecting my boss to thank me for fixing my screwups at work.
  • It is their screw up. They should thank us that we lived with it for so long without rioting more.

These are all things that would have not been necessary if they had introduced a proper feature right away or fixed it last September.

I think these 6 reasons should sum things up neatly.


the open letters to CCP are getting better i guess :thinking:

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I wonder how many of you whiny ■■■■■■■ will end up NOT disabling Inventory Badging because you actually find it helpful.

I know that at least while I’m on my PD marathon it’s going to stay as is. I can tell at a glance how many more levels I need to slog through before switching to my next character.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Or too lazy to. :stuck_out_tongue:

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or not realise you can disable it

It’d be nice if we could sort our item inventory (without station containers) because then I would see the usefulness in the :red_circle: .

I have so much junk loitering around in my Hek hangar that it won’t really let me add anything else to it.

Being able to disable it will be a nice feature.

Did this expert accelerator come with the 1.6m SP deal? The new pack on our account screens? I may have missed this and I wonder if I got it in my stash

Never cared about the red dot, but what I absolutely ■■■■■■■ hate is that they changed something in the code, and now containers no longer remember their size and position individually.

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Because I like to encourage behavior I agree with. It’s called positive reinforcement.

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