New idea: Skin Extractor

Recently I chose one of my character to be my super alt (cuz she has the best carrier skill), but sadly there are two extremely valuable skins on that character: one Machariel Angel Hex skin and one Nidhoggur Firewall Breach skin. Plus 20+ other skins I brought from NES are on that character as well.
I spent about 40 bucks brought the two skins yet now they are completely uesless to me.

So here comes a simple idea: allowing players to use skill extractors extract ship skins.

Currently maybe maximum 3 skins per extractor (but give players an option to only extract 1 or 2 skins, but the extractor will be consumed as normal.)

Could only extract permanent skin license.

What you guys think about that?


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To be honest with you i think itsnkind of a rubbish cash grab that has an extremely specific use for a very small amount of the player base. Stick with your character, you don’t have to chain yourself into a carrier for the rest of your time playingEVE

Character are no longer stuck in “coffins” when getting into a super/titan so you can still use your skins.

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