Idea of new skin system

You could add new skin type, but as craft item.

For example you can add loot to data site or another locations, some skins are more rare than others.

And theses skin are applicable only on manufacture process, that means you buy it with that base skin on market, and, price will adapt depending the skin rarity and demand.

I think default skin system should be like that but I understand it’s better for you to apply them directly anywhere that’s why it’s better to add new type of skins.

And somes skins could be rewards but periodically like “From Jan to April” and 3% chances, you get the idea.

This is exactly how skins started, but that needs a separate item for each skin, so it will be hell of a mess in the market and a load on the database

yes you’r right I thinked about it.

It could be a tab on caracal ship for example and not an entry in menu on market.
“like show available skin”
But it doesn’t solve the database load.

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Idea of skins is to print money for CCP without any p2w effect into a game. CCP would never make skins part of industry since this will remove source of income.

And by removing skins from NES over time CCP make them good investment over time since skins that cant be bought anymore have huge value on market.

No one speak about skin giving extra damage or something like that. So no one say something about P2W.

I don’t know how it can be P2W if you loot skin from game and add it or not in industry. Or even sell it on market.

Again I never say to remove actual skins from NES.

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Me neither. I said only that skins are cosmetic revenue in $. And they wont remove that income to let players craft skins.

Then what is the idea then? Buy skin BP with plex and then farm materials so you can use it? I really can’t understand your idea.

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SKINs that you “consume” in game to tie to your character are considered “licenses to use” - it does not make sense to “craft” a license. You are not whipping out spray paint whenever you change SKINs - this is why it requires no fees, no consumable items, and why SKINs can even be changed in space.

There is no benefit to changing this. It does not solve a problem or make the game more interesting to make a parallel SKIN system to give you the same product but that doesn’t follow a license model.

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